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Capcom has overhauled its plans for a Resident Evil 4 remake

I was initially not in the RE4 REmake camp. But a REmake of it that nails it's original intricacies while feeling fresh honestly sounds like a dream game now, especially if it was headed by Mikami and done by M-Two.


I find this very hard to believe, since they have already remake like...3 of their core series? Out of sudden am I supposed to believe they dropped the idea of Remakes? Lol

Sounds like something coming from RE4 cultists.

I'm all for it and I'm not even a fan of RE4. Maybe they nail the atmosphere and the aspects that made RE a big deal, and forget about this stupid overused action crap.
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This is history repeating itself.

The original Resident Evil 4 went through several different builds before it eventually ended up becoming the one people know and love.

Watch this still be a generational classic upon release.


They know their strategy of distilling everything into modest cinematic TPS won't fly with RE4, but they don't have the balls anymore to make a game on the scale of RE4 with today's production value :messenger_smirking:


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Never played RE4, but going off those old Gamecube videos, it looked great. Way different kind of game as it seemed more like an over the shoulder shooter, but really good gritty graphics.
Not sure why theyd want to go the overhaul route. The reason RE2 remake was an overhaul was because game was so archaic with old game mechanics. RE4 pretty much defined over the shoulder third person gameplay. It just needs a fresh coat of paint bit i dont think they need to change anything significantly.

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I hope it's true. A Bluepoint-style visual update would not have worked well for this title. I've played it recently and it definitely feels very much of its time, even with the somewhat updated control scheme they put in the HD versions. It's still a damn good game, but I fear it just wouldn't feel quite right if it had brilliant next gen visuals buy played exactly the same.
Please don’t butcher what’s easily one of the greatest game of all time that’s re4. Do a 1:1 faithful remake akin to demon souls
No need for a remake then. I played Demon's Souls remake because I love the game and the gameplay aged well (not perfect). A faithful remake of RE4 will take us a full circle back with Capcom to the miserable days and we will end up with a giraffe guy game sequel ( RE6)
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