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Capcom is raising its employees’ base salaries by 30% in Japan


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From the beginning of its 2022 fiscal year on April 1, employees’ average base salaries will increase by 30% and a new bonus system more closely tied to the company’s business performance will be introduced, it said on Thursday.

The Resident Evil and Monster Hunter publisher will report its fiscal 2021 results in May, when it’s expected to announce a ninth consecutive year of operating income growth and its fifth consecutive year of record profits.

Capcom also said it will continue to grow its employee performance review and training systems.

The plan to improve staff compensation was announced on Thursday alongside a reorganisation of the company’s HR division.

Capcom said it is putting in place a new structure designed to facilitate communication between management and employees, headed up by a chief HR officer, which is a newly established role at the company.

“Driven by its philosophy of being a Creator of Entertainment Culture that Stimulates Your Senses, Capcom will work to address the issues facing our society while aiming improve its corporate value and establishing a relationship of trust with employees and stakeholders,” it said.

In its results for the nine months ended in December 2021, Capcom reported the highest net sales and highest levels of all profit items for the end of a third quarter in the company’s history.


Bu.. but... big companies are inherently bad to their employees and they need to unionize!



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Must be going crazy, but whenever I see Capcom all I can think of is Dragon's Dogma 2.

Glad to see the company's doing so good. The games they make are among the best nowadays imo. Also Dragon's Dogma 2 is going to be the best fucking game ever. Like imagine the first one but made with actual money? Amazing.
Plenty of my coworker are ex capcom, last 2 years (corona) tons of people quit , main reason is not salary or over work (they have a siren 🚨 system for people to stop working and go home) . The main issue is that in all pandemic time they didn’t allowed anybody to work from home (contrary of most game companies in japan).


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I’m very happy with Capcom theses days from Great Ace Attorney to Monster Hunter Rise, only thing I ask is they remake/remaster Asuras Wrath.
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