Capcom: Resident Evil needs to be more actiony, survival horror = sales less than CoD

Dec 5, 2008
Quincy, Massachusetts
Resident Evil 4 is the best game in the series, so I welcome the more actiony direction.
Yeah, but RE4 wasn't necessarily inspired by COD or the COD audience.

The way RE is going, it's like Capcom is taking more notes from the games that actually have a negative influence on the Resident Evil franchise.

RE4 was like lightning in a bottle. You won't be seeing a game that brilliant again.
Jan 22, 2008
RE needs less action not more. What it needs are better controls. RE:4 as great as it was, had too many zombies. By the time I had gotten to chapter 3-4 I had killed what 100's of zombies? It just didn't matter anymore and they had lost their impact. Oh look, another 10 zombies...bam bam bam.

- Fewer zombies

- Increase their damage and consequences of them getting close to you

- Implement smoother 3rd person shooting mechanics. Get rid of tank controls. More like Uncharted without the cover mechanics. (Though you can keep the cover mechanics for enemies that can shoot back.)

- Keep the ammo scarce.