Capcom reveals new Mega Man X, cancels joke, makes a figure, KS funded (Summer 2015)

Dec 8, 2011
This has been quite the emotional roller coaster. April Fools will never be the same again.

EDIT 7: Backer figures are arriving!
EDIT 6: Successfully funded!

EDIT 5: The Kickstarter is live! Go get your crazy April Fools figure on.
There's even a Kickstarter exclusive "Test-Color X" variant!

EDIT 4: The Kickstarter will be starting soon! Here's a new update as to how the figure will look.

EDIT 3: 6 months later edition!
Tuns out Mizuno Mega Man X design is getting a real figure. Even better, there will be a Kickstarter next month to fund it. Because wasting the coolest design ever would've been stupid.

  • 15cm in height (roughly in line with Bandai Figuarts MM figures)
  • Diecast armor on the chest, shin armor and feet
  • 20 points of articulation
  • LED functional X-Buster (can be swapped on either hands)
  • 2 additional set of hands (fist and splayed)
  • Extra faceplate ("shouting")
  • Swappable back thrusters (opened and closed)
  • Attachable blast effect accessory for the X-Buster
  • Tentative March/April 2015 release
  • Produced by TruForce Collectables
    [*]Bluefin distributing in North America
  • Colored prototype will be on display in February at the New York Toy Fare
  • Price is TBA
EDIT 2: Ucchy-san calls the design "a dream". Or maybe, y'know, this is the internet and we never forget.

It sounds like the removal of the original post was deliberate:
This thing is gonna end up being real.


EDIT: Capcom deleted the page, but you can still view proof via the Rockman Corner Article.

They canceled the joke.

I can't even.

Original first post below

...model kit.

Rockman Corner said:
Designed by Mizuno Keisuke (artist for Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X) this new model is the first product to release under Capcom's new "C.C.C" label (Capcom Creators Collection).
The C.C.C brand allows Capcom designers and artists to freely re-imagine new designs of existing characters into figures and model kits.

The official product details from Rockman Unity are something to see, too:

Size: 4/1 scale
Material: Titanium-X
Price: 4.1 million Zenny
APIF model number: SHVC19931217RX
Release date: April 1st, 21XX
NOTE: Special modeling kit nippers needed to penetrate Titanium-X. Basic welding and electrical skills are required.
Rockman Corner article

That's a lot of effort for such a cool design to go to waste, so I figured it warranted its own thread.

Talk about this darn cool design!
Dec 11, 2013
Capcom : It's been all these years but here's a greatly constructed X design. Oh yeah, by the way, we're still going to just keep this IP and do nothing with it. Thanks!