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Caravan Stories for PS4 launches this spring in Japan


Feb 4, 2013
The PlayStation 4 version of Caravan Stories will launch this spring in Japan, developer Aiming announced. The official Japanese website, Twitter account, and YouTube channel are now available.

Aiming is currently running a Twitter campaign where users who follow the account and retweet this tweet will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a 3,000 yen PlayStation Store card.

Caravan Stories is a free-to-play fantasy RPG launched by Aiming for smartphones in November 2017 in Japan, followed by PC in April 2018. A traditional Chinese version was released in July 2018. In September 2019, it reached two million players worldwide.
In addition to a main story that the player can play through with their custom avatar, the game features over 100 heroes whose unique stories connect like puzzle pieces to reveal the mysteries of the world.

Credit: Gematsu