Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Faith (3DS)

I'm, incidentally, currently playing LoS. I don't hate it. I do think it has a lot of issues, though, but as far as 3D Castlevanias go I think it's going in the right direction and I'm willing to accept that this would be an ongoing series separate from the handheld games. A sequel addressing some of the more glaring issues would be cool.

But if the IGAvanias turn out to be relegated in favor of a Castlevania more in line with LoS I will be very sad and wish them all the worst. :(
I'll be interested to see if that's the case. Also, means there's a good chance 80% of the enemy sprites wont be the same ones they've been reusing since SotN.
Exactly. The formula needed a kick in the pants, and a new team might do just that.

I take back everything if it's a game in the same vain as Lord of Shadows, though.
True, but one style of game doesn't rule out other kind of games within the same franchise right? I mean, the Castlevania timeline is already fucked up as it is. And who knows, maybe they do a reboot again? A sidestory/spin-off? Everything is possible I think.
The timeline is fucked, but since Mercury made Lords, Konami has simply disregarded the old games. They're planning on moving away from the "feminine" musical style of the Yamane age, and want Arujo to perform darker music for newer titles (this is what Konami told Arujo, not so much what Arujo wanted to do with the music). Cox has been incredibly inconsistent on how the new direction of the franchise should be, as he's referred to the Lords timeline as a reboot, a Marvel Ultimate-esqe spin-off, and a few months ago, actually said it's in a separate line of games that Akumajo Dracula reign in.

I have no idea where the new direction stands, but it's quite clear they're abandoning the old one. Their E3 character bracket should show it: no listing for Alucard, but the wolf-boss Cornell is on the list, as well as supremely obscure characters from the Mystical Ninja series. How do you have Castlevania characters on a bracket yet the most popular ones are not listed anywhere?

...also another missed occasion for the 1999 Castlevania.


I consider the Demon Castle Wars to be like the Elf Wars with Mega Man: it's a big event we don't see in a game. There's too much going into it that may never live up to the hype. Seriously, if it were a Castlevania game, it would have to involve Julius Belmont, Alucard, and potentially the appearances of Jonathan Morris, Charlotte Aulin (kill me), the children of Eric Lecarde, and the chronomage Saint Germain. That's more potential good characters appearing than in any other Castlevania game, and this can become a problem if you expect all of them to be playable or to have few key roles.
I'd absolutely love a 2D Metroidvania on 3DS but the Mercury Steam involvement totally douses my enthusiasm. Oh well, I'll keep an eye on it and hoping for a positive surprise.
Darn. Thought this was a Lord of Shadows sequel. Hopefully they are still working on that, just no DLC this time! Unless you get a different team to do it, it was horrible, or maybe just horribly priced.
If this is actually true, I'm a little disappointed the title doesn't use 3D somewhere with its initials. I couldn't have been the only one who got a little chuckle out of Dawn of Sorrow, initialized as DS, and Harmony of Despair, initialized as HD.
Pretty much. Those are the only Western devs I would trust to take on a series like Castlevania. I actually think that would be enough to get people over the "No IGA, No Buy" thing, because WayForward kicks ass.
I'm not in the "no Iga" crowd, but if ya gotta go West for handheld gaming, go with the good team that still remembers handhelds exist.
If Mercury Steam goes in a different direction with this besides a metroidvania, I would love to see the Vita get some love in the form of a metroidvania. Ill take whatever they give me, but castlevania in 2d with quality sprites would be a dream on the oled.
I'm feeling mixed emotions for this news, for what it's worth I enjoyed Lords of Shadow to an extent, fun but flawed, strong in the middle but a bit weak at the start and end.
So this is rumoured to be 2D then? I'd prefer it to be, while i'm a bigger fan of the Metroidvania setup I wouldn't dismiss some more Classicvania style either, in that sense it could be interesting to see how Mercury Steam handles either of these approaches if that's one of the routes this game heads down, wouldn't want a LoS style outing on the 3DS though.

But really I just want the music to be more like the older games and less like LoS, a grand sweeping orchestral soundtrack is nothing to outright dismiss at all but there's little I remember of it outside of the song inspired by the SC4 waterfall stage, so less of that would be appreciated here.
If this is a semi-sequel or spiritual successor to Shadows instead of a true LoS sequel I'll be crying bloody tears.
The true Lords sequel is very likely a console game. I believe, if rumors about the 3DS Castlevania games history are to be true, IGA was working on a 3DS Castlevania game (this was rumored as of December 2010), MercurySteam made a Castlevania prototype for 3DS (we learned of this last year), and Konami went with what MercurySteam was making (which would be this title).

This wouldn't be the first time this happened, as that's why IGA's PS3/360 Alucard title was canned because of what MercurySteam was making with Lords of Shadow.
MercurySteam is a powerhouse, f anything I'm sure the graphics will blow us away.

There's the rumor around that it's a sequel to lords but a prequel to the Console sequel, and that it's a reimagining of CASTLEVANIA 3 and that means ALUCARD and TREVOR BELMONT (Possible protagonists)
Konami really hates their fans:

New Suikoden that has nothing to do whit the main storyline.

New Castlevania on a portable system not made by Iga.

Hope they enjoy their sub 100k sales.
MercurySteam is a powerhouse, f anything I'm sure the graphics will blow us away.

There's the rumor around that it's a sequel to lords but a prequel to the Console sequel, and that it's a reimagining of CASTLEVANIA 3 and that means ALUCARD and TREVOR BELMONT (Possible protagonists)
I don't know about blow us away, it's still the 3DS after all. Even if Pokemon were to use 3DS graphics, I still wouldn't be blown away by it but I'd like it however.


He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.
A make-believe game from a developer whose track record is hit-or-miss would be better than a game we know absolutely nothing about?

A lot about this game has been leaked if you look around. Considering he's hyped about this what would make a WayForward game "Ew. No way."?