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CD Projekt believes Cyberpunk ‘will be considered a very good game in the long run’

Sep 19, 2021
Charge full price for broken product
Fix it over the next 5 years
Bath in all the bodily love from the fanatics
This guy gets it
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The Amiga Brotherhood
Jun 13, 2013
United Kingdom
Story-wise, it's already above most of what's out there. The problem is the game-world, even w/o technical issues (I played on a beefy PC), just isn't up to the standards people expect out of CDPR. Once you're doing anything that isn't a main story quest or "main" side quest, the sandbox feels like PS2 level GTA. The cops don't work, the NPCs behave in bizarre ways, the driving is stiff, there's limited verticality despite that being heavily shown in the trailers, etc... If they fixed all the obvious bugs, the game STILL needs extra content and refinement to bring it into the tier of W3. From an economic PoV, it only makes so much sense to pour resources into CP2077 at this point, and given how easily they discarded their reputation for Christmas sales, I suspect the greed will get the better of them in this case as well.
Basically wait for a sequel IMHO can’t see them sorting out anything but bugs. Happy to proven wrong.
Sep 21, 2021
It's already a good game.. the problem was bugs and a horrible last gen version (PS4 and Xbox One) release...I play it on PC and its awesome.
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Mar 13, 2012
Cp2077 is a good game man, but not a VERY good game, amd certainly not even close to the Witcher 3.

It's story & characters while good, is not as captivating as W3. If W3 is a 10, Cp2077 is a 7.

W3 itself has many gameplay problems, but it's largely compensated by it's amazing story. Meanwhile, everything was exposed in Cp2077, interactivity, dead city etc.

I have my fun playing Cp2077, but there isn't a single urge to go back, meanwhile I can't wait to replay everything after finishing W3.
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Oct 30, 2012
I was largely disappointed as I started playing the game back in december, surely I didn't get what I was expecting, probably also because I was expecting something perfect and above any other creation to date. But even if the game wasn't obviously flawless, I got the sensation of a butchered concept that went through an infinite number of changes of thought, which is normal in the development process, but at the same time it should stay hidden from the eyes of the final user. It's not only about technical issues, it was mostly about its various inconsistencies, from the role playing elements to the ui, from the story to the game world that simply felt incomplete, like an abandoned construction site left in a rush.

Then came the acceptance and I appreciated the game for its many good aspects, they indeed tried to go beyond what most games offer from a technical standpoint but also further evolving the whole way they try to tell a story, not only through dialogues, cutscenes and such but also through the city itself and all those tiny little details, which is something they mastered over the years. The narrative is for me the best you can find in triple A games, it transcends most of the clichees you can usually find and manages to transpose what Pondsmith had in mind (well not always). The city, although incomplete in some elements, is a work of art, I have never felt so "immersed" like in this game. It manages to blend together the visual imagery of Ghost in the Shell into that of Akira and adding a personal touch on top of it. Almost every corner of the game feels alive, I know the NPCs are not that smart but it gives the illusion of a living city, and this happens on various levels of verticality never seen anywhere else. All this came with a cost that the older HW can't just afford.

In the end, I am still playing the game and having fun with it, and I am still discovering stuff I haven't found before. After a year playing it it was rather unexpected. So, I am confident that CDP will meet the goals they had in mind, the most important part in that article is where they say they listened to the developers and decided to postpone the patches. This means they are in a good direction already. Good things need time. As I stated elsewhere, this game should have been published in 2022 already, that would have solved so many problems. But their public image is irreparably damaged and I think the first thing that comes up to people's mind about this game will be revolving around its disastrous launch and then eventually Keanu Reeves.
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Mar 16, 2020
Oh? So you mean when you finally finish the fucking game it'll be good?
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Jun 22, 2013
Canada, Québec
It's so easy to make fun of Cyberpunk but I loved this game and I will start a new playthrough again in december <3

I hope it will be considered a very good game in the long run, because thats what it deserves.
Anything special going on in December? Aren't the next gen patch coming up in early 2022 only?

I just bought the game this morning while it's on sale
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Jun 27, 2005
It is a very good game now, it also was at launch, people just need to play it on the right platforms.
Yup. It had bugs but it was still my GOTY 2020 on PC. Today it’s better and the mod community is alive and well. Hopefully they add something cool with the 1.5 patch next year.


Jun 11, 2019
It's already considered a good game by majority of people who played on pc, the road to be great is still a bit longer.

I guess it can be already considered great in world building and graphic.
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Captain Toad

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Dec 1, 2020
What a world. A developer saying a single-player game they released a year ago will eventually be good.
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Feb 28, 2018
Still waiting to play it, but I still have high hopes in the modern console version eventually being good.
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Aug 28, 2019
It generally is and has been considered that on PC.

They just royally fucked up the console release.. and the internet never forgets.

Iced Arcade

Oct 3, 2013
Canada eh
I can't see me playing it unless they release the current gen update and release it free on gamepass. Which is crazy because I was so hyped for it.