CD Projekt may be preparing to defend against a hostile takeover

Which of these companies is presumably trying to buy CD Projekt?

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CD Projekt Red has called for the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to be held on November 29th.

According to the schedule, there are 3 points that will be covered:

1. Vote on whether or not to allow the company to buy back part of its own shares for 250 million PLN ($64 million)

2. Vote on whether to merge CD Projekt Brands (fully owned subsidiary that holds trademarks to the Witcher and Cyberpunk games) into the holding company

3. Vote on the change of the company's statute.

Now, the 1st and 3rd point seem to be the most interesting, particularly the last one. The proposed change will put restrictions on the voting ability of shareholders who exceed 20% of the ownership in the company. It will only be lifted if said shareholder makes a call to buy all of the remaining shares for a set price and exceeds 50% of the total vote.

According to the company's board, this is designed to protect the interest of all shareholders in case of a major investor who would try to aquire remaining shares without offering "a decent price".

Polish media (and some investors) speculate, whether or not it's a preemptive measure or if potential hostile takeover is on the horizon.

The decision to buy back some of its own shares would also make a lot of sense in that situation.

Further information (in Polish) here:

News article from a polish daily:
You know its EA. Imagine it...

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"Cd projectk Red will be a great addition to our family, and the Witcher 4:Geralts Revenge is now in development as we strive to give the fans what they want."
Unlike Ubisoft this is company where a hostile takeover could be real bad. CD Projekt has so many policies that business from other companies would so not be ok with.
FUCK OFF not this shit again, I loved the Witcher series and sure am looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077, really hope this doesn't happen I don't want some bullshit corporation giving them the orders.