CD Projekt Red - "NX Will Be Fantastic" [Up: Umm... err... well... haha?]

Sep 25, 2014
Having watched the video, this was more like a casual conversation between two friends than an interview between game journalist and company representative. The tone was very jokey and not serious at all. At one point the CDPR guy joked about wanting an intern, preferably female, over 18, multilingual etc. I think you guys are reading a little too much into these statements.
Jan 14, 2009
If the NX is around PS4 power, can we expect a 1080p 60 fps Zelda NX?
With all the dev time they've had available for the NX version, it doesn't really make sense to do 60fps unless they are putting minimal resources into visually upgrading the game.

I wouldn't bother reading into any statements made about this console unless they are directly saying NX is better than PS4, or better than Neo, or worse than XBO, etc. Vague stuff like this, or Reggie's statement doesn't really mean much. Just expect PS4 level or worse and you'll be fine.
Sep 2, 2014
I've heard the guy making the claims on a few German podcasts. There's a reason the host is doubting he knows much. I would call his remarks educated guesses.
My question would be what reason he would have to do such a thing, lol. He doesn't work for Nintendo nor does his company hang in the balance based on their performance. :p
Nov 9, 2010
How many open-world 60fps games does PS4 have?
Not happening. 1080p at 30fps should be expected though.
It depends on how big of a performance update the NX version will receive. I'm rather surprised that Nintendo confirmed thay the NX version would have better visuals. Performance wise I'd like to see Nintendo improve the field of view(some things popped up only a few meters away), Improved polygonal structures(there were some cliff shots that polygonally looked like TP but the textures were really good to help disguise it),improved shading techniques to help enhance the art style of the game, 60FPS, and 1080P. I'd love a bigger visual upgrade but I'm not sure how much work Nintendo is going to put into enhancing the visuals for the NX version and they may prioritize more stability in terms of FPS and 1080P support over pushing the system to its limits and sacrificing FPS or full HD support.
Apr 15, 2007
My question would be what reason he would have to do such a thing, lol. He doesn't work for Nintendo nor does his company hang in the balance based on their performance. :p
I don't know - the conversation was pretty casual, every games media person in Germany knows this guy for years. I don't want to insult him, I'm not a part of the games industry so I'm not in the place to truly judge him. Let's say the best thing that can happen from this is that the story blows up in the US and worldwide and CDPR is forced to make some kind of statement.
Dec 19, 2013
I think what he was indicating is that Nintendo doesn't have the same leverage to get costs down as Microsoft or Sony, likely because of existing industrial contracts and knowing the right people. Nintendo is large, but not as large as Sony and Microsoft when you take into account all their non-gaming products.
Yep, was about to explain that as well. That statement was in relation to the rhetorical question that he made (whether it will be affordable for the masses).