CEO Kaz Hirai (the parody Twitter) announces his retirement in 2018.

End of an era. He managed to produce a large number of high quality tweets over the years which must be hard as hell to maintain. Hats off to whoever was behind it.
Damn shame but if that's what they feel is best then power to them. Easily one of the most witty accounts I've seen in this space. A voice that will be missed.
I remember reading previously that it was a member of Neogaf that runs this account... reading that "goodbye" letter there paints a picture of a person who can tell when a joke has run it's course so I guess that theory is now out the window.
It's good that the person making the account recognized when it would be the best time to stop. I really like the jokes, but it would also be shame to see the quality go down as well for the sake of it. Better end it when it feels good!