CEO Kaz Hirai (the parody Twitter) announces his retirement in 2018.

I've genuinely laughed out loud at some of his tweets so I'm be sad to see him gone.
But I respect him wanting to leave on a high note so fingers crossed he's able to have some good reactions until next E3 :D
It's over, period. Sony lost their last ace, and that's the end of their PS4 hopes and dreams.

It's not hyperbole, it's not fanboypedophile drivel. It is LITERALLY it for PS4. Sony has nothing left, nothing they can reveal tomorrow would fix the hole now created. There is no reason left for any one, hardcore or casual, to substantively invest in a PS4. Except if they want to play Knack. Which will also come to PS+ at some point.

The age of Sony is done.
Hope he hesitates and keep posting after 2018. But also maybe is becoming boring for him, specially repeating same jokes.
The Last Guardian is out and the Vita has been a "legacy platform" for so long that making jokes about it not showing up in conferences etc. has run its course. Sony's become boring; they're very successful and stable, but ultimately not very fun to joke about anymore IMO.

EDIT: There's always other companies to make fun of, I guess. But I don't think we have as many "obvious" stuff to joke about overall either (like the Wii U, Kinect etc.).
CEO Kaz Hirai must be by far the best parody account that I had ever seen on twitter.

He (or she?) was very wit and sharp with the jokes that was throwing around, specially by how quick he was able to throw them after a news piece was broken out.

Is cool to see that the account will be put to rest at its peak instead of overstaying their welcome


Knowledge is power, guard it well
Man, end of a legendary run. No parody account will ever come close to CEO Kaz Hirai.

The fact that real life Kaz Hirai is so tragically unfunny just took it to the next level.
I really, really appreciate this person. And with the use of "mum," they're either British, or know we think they might be British.
It has literally been confirmed by the accountholder and even written right in that article that they are from Manchester, England. They even broke character to tweet a response from the account to the Manchester bombing last May.

Am I crazy, or is there some other reason we are still "speculating" on something that is confirmed? Lol.

EDIT: Beaten. Pack it up, y'all.