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Cerny’s Playstation 5 Hints

Did Cerny give us hints?

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Did Cerny’s presentation have a bunch of hints or was each game mention just random?

Spiderman 2
Gran Turismo
Resident Evil
The Last of Us 1&2 (or maybe ReadyatDawn, not positive about the gun icon)
Horizon First Dusk
God of War 2
New Horror IP (from Dead Space writer Antony Johnston)
DemonSouls Remake
Jak remastered
And lastly back compatibility with either PS2 or PS3 or both.

If these titles are announced by either tomorrow or August’s event. We just been served a master class.


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Huh...at first I thought you are insane. I still think that but maybe you're right nonetheless. :*
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Interesting. So most, -nearly all- of the games you see as being teased here are ones that have been heavily hinted at for months as being at Sony's show tomorrow. So if the months old leaks and rumours turn out to be true, these *ahem* hints Cerny was apparently dropping are automatically real by proxy.

Very interesting.
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Someone in another thread said it was dumb to expect PS3/PS2 combo, lol.

If this conspiracy is true, the that'd be a lot of crow to eat.

Seems too conspicuous to be honest to be true.


Instead of posting in June gif and meme thread, OP misclicked and made a new thread, no need to be so harsh guys, shit happens.
OP is clearly off his rocker, but I can believe whatever is broken in his brain somehow let them see what others couldn't. It certainly bizarrely lines up with the rumours.
I did it, I killed the very thing I love the most.
Oh my god, you killed a hooker didn't you.
No, I killed a Panda.
Come on man, her name probably wasnt even Amanda.


Its a thread for the lolz, but I'd say the GDC presentation graphic with all that space left over is something many of us have brought up.

It screams that they have more to show and likely want it part of some grand reveal, either that or someone needs to be fired who does their slides lol (maybe not fired but......yelled at lol)

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This image is incredible. Thank you, OP.
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