Chaos Rings Sigma delayed to 2014, is not a social game [Update: Trailer]

Mar 2, 2009
Santiago, Chile

Screenshots have been released! Also the key-art in a smaller form:

More here:
You can make out a lot of new characters in the key art, also that pink haired girl that looks like Momo from Xenosaga in that screenshot says called "Nobel":
World number 100428's ring holder"
428? Yukinori Kitajima dropping some 428 references in here?

Credits information:
Executive Producer: Takehiro Ando:
Producer: Kouki Kakahashi
Character Design: Yusuke Naora
Sound: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
Scenario: Yukinori Kitajima
Development: Media.Vision

Also the text on the right side of the official site says something like:
"Adam & Eve" from the cycles, gather in the land of final resting.
Or something like that.

Original post:
Following its announcement back in June (

Chaos Rings Sigma is a social RPG coming this year to iPhone/Android.
The game is set to have the appearance of all 27 main characters of the series so far, including the manga's original characters Ignat(?):

and Erodi(?):

As well as an all new scenario penned by Chaos Rings's scenario writer Yukinori Kitajima (Synthese). I know the fact that it's gonna be a social game is a downer for a lot, including myself, but the fact that Kitajima is doing the scenario is pretty exciting, I think, since he hasn't worked on a Chaos Rings game since the first one.
The game's official website has now finally launched, and it is planned for 2014 instead of 2013 as Famitsu had reported initially.
Also, the genre listed in the website isn't "social RPG" but "online RPG."
Mar 2, 2009
Santiago, Chile
I know we're not supposed to double post but I am double posting anyway since screenshots and the key art have been released! I edited some into the OP and I think that's important enough for another post.

Also, that pink haired girl is called "Nobel"... Piu Piu is
Alexander Piulitzer.
They probably are connected somehow.
Also in the key art you can make out a lot of new characters and I think it's interesting how Vahti's young and old versions are present, and also how Vieg, Olgar and Dante are present.
Does that mean that you'll be able to play as both Vieg and Dante as well as both old and young Vahti at the same time?Also OHM!
I've been left with so many questions after seeing this, as someone who really liked the storylines of previous CR games.
Oct 5, 2007
The best original ios game series from SE so far. People won't complain if all their mobile games is this quality.

They do recycle a lot of assets so it should be cheap to produce ....
Sep 2, 2010
Isla Nublar
More Chaos Rings is a good thing.
Still have Chaos Rings 2 sitting on my iphone. Think i'm gonna download 1 and Omega to replay them. They might be simple but I find them incredibly fun. Still my favorite games on ios.
Nov 20, 2011
The Chaos Rings series are at the very least an excellent proof of concept that traditional jRPG gameplay with 3D environments works wonderfully on smartphones. Much better than action games.