Charlottesville alt-right white nationalist torch rally

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Did I step into a fucking a time machine, because I feel like this already happened? Did these dumb asses really do another one of these things with tiki torches?
Whys Charlottesville been such a hotspot for their gatherings this year?
CNN did an article earlier about it actually.
Small leftist presence there right now but I know that people from all over are headed there to counter them (some armed)
Counter protestors give them the attention they crave. They won't be swayed from being racists. Best to ignore them really.

In sum, rallies like these are essentially invitations for conflict. Obviously far more people disagree with them than agree. They only want to piss everyone off and make themselves look like martyrs of an oppressed minority. Don't give them that.
Counter protestors give them the attention they crave. They won't be swayed from being racists. Best to ignore them really.
They're a few thousand Nazis marching through a college campus with lit torches chanting genocidal slogans.

I feel like saying "oh, they just want attention" might be a little bit complacent. This is really happening.
The only thing I know about Charlottesville is that Chris Chan lives there. He has some weird racial hang ups too so I figure it's widely common over there.


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lol remember when the alt right claimed an economic , moral and political high ground? I guess the loose temptation of mouth breathing proved too fruitful.

Hey alt-right. Turns out you were just racist after all. Enjoy your plateau.
It scares them from coming out. If there's no resistance then more will keep appearing. You don't beat fascism by ignoring it.
They're expecting and are looking for overwhelming pushback. The point is these types thrive off of pissing off liberals and "SJWs".

They have no real power or number in a city like Charlottesville anyway. Its a call for a controversial reaction from a mostly liberal town which will draw eyes to them and perhaps validation and sympathy through that reaction for being the little guy outnumbered by society. Thats their goal.
With the torches, it almost looks like they're coming together for something positive. That level of solidarity is frightening.

So many there too, think how many of those people are cops, judges or even just store managers with some level of power to effect a non-white persons life in a fucked up negative way.
These fucking children. These are the smug fuckers who ask dumb fucking shit about affirmative action in that pre-law class they took to sound smart and sit in sociology class bringing up Duke every time someone dare talks about rape culture.

Fuck em'.
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