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Opinion Analysis Indie Cherno Reacts: SCORN

Aug 28, 2019

So I figure I aught of made this thread because the last time a Cherno video was posted here I almost went into accusation territory, which was bad on my part, though it was framed in context of a wider discussion (which was not focused exclusively on them, might add, though I probably vented some musing through them since it was the DiRT 5 vid and the stuff surrounding that gameplay footage at the time) I still feel is valid.

Anyway these are some thoughts they have on Scorn and they seem to very impressed with it. A lot of people have said it looks like a walking simulator or the gunplay doesn't look solid etc., but in the context of what the game wants to seemingly be (survival-horror first-person adventure with Giger influences, homages etc.), I think there's a sizable audience for that type of game. We don't get a lot (hardly any) games period with this type of visual or likely game design style, and I'm personally hoping the puzzle elements are really strong in this and gunplay/combat forcing some fight-or-flight scenarios regularly. Maybe not to System Shock 2 levels but that type of survival-horror element to the combat would be great.

The only bummer is that it wasn't a launch title as that would've gone a good way to boosting Series's launch lineup, but it should land in H1 2021.