Chick-fil-A is playing religious music while you eat on the low

The Dairy Queen down the street here always plays Christian music as well and I am pretty sure I've spotted religious stickers on the door at times.
"I'm offended that I've been eating at a known Christian Conservative chain called Chick Fil A and they've been playing instrumental religious music that I had to Shazam to confirm that it was in fact Christian music."

Lol. Seems like most people are on board with me, though. To those who are offended by the music, why do you care? I would be more shocked if I went into a chick fil a and they started blasting Death Metal. That would actually be fucking awesome, so fuck it I'm opening my own Chick Fil A. Any Death Metal suggestions?

The majority of religious music I've heard makes it sounds like the singer wants to get into Jesus's pants but I'm sure there is good stuff out there
This just made me spit out my drink.
This is totally unsurprising if you know anything about Chick-fil-A.

Their food is pretty good though, so w/e. Other things they do bug me a whooole lot more.
I'd be fine if it was choral or orchestral music (that shit tends to be good, and makes up a great deal of the baroque and classical repertoires), or soul or gospel, but I already know it's shitty Christian rock.
Just use the drive through like a normal person and enjoy your unhealthy chicken.

Any instrumental music beats incessant Christmas music.
I'd take that over the contractor working in my sister's house (hurricane repairs) blasting Christian (pop) radio with his Home Depot "tough" boom box. It was nauseating. They even had commercials where they talked about going to public schools and teaching kids that they are all children of God.

I don't eat at CFA anymore though so I don't care either way. If they were found to be using subliminal messaging to convert people or something I'd take issue with it.
I'm sure some Atheist anime avatar will have an issue with this.

Whatever religious tunes they play are probably on par with or better than your top 40 garbage anyway.