Child draws all over dad’s passport, dad gets stuck in South Korea

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A four-year-old boy showed his talents as a budding artist in this nice drawing he did… all over his dad’s passport.

The child got busy during a recent family trip to South Korea, where he took to the back page of his dad’s Chinese passport with a black pen and drew some really nice pictures of people, animals, and – obviously – added a bit more hair to his dad’s face. Classic.

The only problem is that now his dad is stuck in South Korea because of his unrecognisable documentation, and authorities have warned it is likely he won’t be able to travel home with his son, and the rest of his party.

The picture was originally posted on social networking site Weibo by the father, known only as Chen, alongside a plea for help.

Sounds like he might be spending the rest of his holiday on the phone to the Chinese embassy. Let’s just hope he invests in a nice colour by numbers for his son next time…
Things might seem bad now, but he'll look back fondly on it when he's in the midst of clearing up all the identity theft that's going to happen now his passports on the internet...
As hilarious and sad as this is, isn't it a very, very bad idea to post your passport on the internet?

I'm sure the Chinese government will get him a new one asap
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