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China further tightens restrictions on violence, sexuality, and choice in gaming

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China further tightens restrictions on violence, sexuality, and choice in gaming​

All titles must present ‘correct set of values’​

China continues to tighten restrictions around the video games industry. According to an internal governmental memo, reportedly leaked to the South China Morning Post, all titles submitted for licensing will be required to meet new and stricter guidelines in regards to their moralistic values and representation of China’s history and philosophy.

According to the memo, (as reported by GamesIndustry.biz), developers’ wares can no longer be considered “pure entertainment”, and will be reviewed by regulators for possible red flag content. Examples noted include law violation, the leaking of state secrets, superstitious beliefs, the glorification of violence, false narratives around history and historical figures, and the encouragement of self-harm. Perhaps the strictest regulations, however, refer to both player choice and sexuality/gender.

“Some games have blurred moral boundaries,” reads the memo, reportedly. “Players can choose to be either good or evil […] but we don’t think that games should give players this choice […] and this must be altered […] If regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised.”

These new restrictions come as part of a major crackdown on video games in China, a pastime previously described by the country’s ministers as “spiritual opium”. The new moral code will join previously implemented mandates and laws including time restrictions on younger players, facial recognition logins for mobile titles, and purposefully extended waiting periods for game classification. Additionally, the country has banned under-16s from livestreaming.

A whistleblower website is currently being trialed, allowing the public to report developers or players that they believe are circumventing any or all of the above rules.

Source: Destructoid


how do you like that, blizzard? serves you right for jumping on the china train.

hopefully this makes other developers avoid china
And I thought American politics was bad. I mean, here you can say what you want about anyone in any position more or less, and not have anything to worry about unless it really does sound like a threat or potential threat, but The Chinese goverment sucks if they have this much control over people.

Worship winny the poo or else
no games for you
no religion for you if it's not what we say it can be
no fanservice for you

Can people even leave China to another nation if they want to or are they all forced to live there no matter what? WHy does their government do this stuff? Oh, but wait, orange man bad, amirite?
I don't actually like trump, but the point still stands and places like rejectera and others will defend some of this. I'd like to be wrong.
Facial restrictions for log ins for mobile titles? Time restrictions is terrible as it is, but now mobile game are getting even more intrusive.


Xi must be trying to deflect from something else going on and is making these crazy pronouncements as a smoke screen. Either that or there is unrest in the party and he is losing support and thinks this will sure up the hardliners, it will definitely lose him a lot of support in young party members.

there is a lot of trouble in China with power outages, high energy costs, Covid resurgence, likely food shortages with all the flooding, and increased tensions with the US and Australia so there are a lot of destabilizing forces in play.


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I'm actually kinda glad China might implode with all their anti-capitalism stuff lately.

If you're reading this :
Run while you can!


First America took away sexiness, next China will take away violence.

Invest in Tetris folks, as only that will remain by the time this is over.
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