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China video games market revenue hits $45.5bn during 2021. Internationally Chinese game companies made $17.3 bn, up 27% year-over-year. (GI.biz)



Last week Niko Partners reported that China's domestic video game market revenue reached $45.5 billion during 2021.

The data from its China Mobile Games Market Report and China PC Games Market Report says that the year saw an increase of 5% year-over-year.

Mobile titles generated $31.8 million, whereas PC games made $13.7 million during the year of 2021.

The report went to say that internationally Chinese game companies made $17.3 billion in 2021, up 27% year-over-year.

"In the past year we have watched gamers entertain themselves with nostalgic and new games during the pandemic lockdowns, we have watched youth gamers wave farewell to a primary pastime due to regulations limiting their hours for gaming..." said Niko Partners founder and president Lisa Hanson.

Additionally, Niko partners said that China's domestic video game revenue is poised to hit $55 billion in 2026.

While overseas Chinese game companies revenue is projected to reach $26.4 billion during the year.

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