China's answer to Google Maps is Pixel Art

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So apparently, the Chinese search giant Baidu has managed to recreate some of China's largest cities in stunning pixel art, as part of it's map tool.

I'll show you how to get there for yourself first of all:

Point your browser to:

On the right hand side-bar you will see this at the top:

Translated it says "Hot Cities" as the heading, followed by the links for:
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu

Click on any of those cities. Once on the map, you will have some view options in the upper right hand corner. I have highlighted the one you'll want (2nd from left)

And you can now scroll around a pixelated version of the city. Zoom also works. The level of detail is mind blowing. Here are some shots that I'll share.


Shanghai zoomed out (and showing pixel-city limits on the right:

Have fun!
...That's pretty fucking impressive.

Now someone compare it coordinate for coordinate with google maps/earth to see how accurate it is.


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Celsior said:
Looks like Sim City, cool but pretty pointless.
If the buildings are accurately represented (color, size, signage) and fully 3D, then it can be very useful for a navigation type application. You could see on the screen what you should see outside your car but no need to take pictures google style.


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I found the Forbidden City and the Shanghai World Financial Center. Unfortunately, it's hard to navigate since it's all in Chinese.
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