Christina Aguilera has a little accident during Etta James funeral

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you'd be a horrendous fucking publicist.

So the PR Firm confirms:

1. She was smuggling some sort of sauce in her pockets? -- Confirming shes just a cow.

2. She was recently tanned, recent as in, as she was walking up the stairs, and the tanning crew was removed from broadcast by special effects...

3. Aunt Flo.

Just don't see the good spin. And shes not exactly in the category of any publicity being good publicity, when it sort of takes hit at her image as a beautiful woman. For me, as I said earlier, I'm still in to win with her. She could do no wrong in my eyes. Her & Sean Young. But for everyone else?

I refuse to believe that humanity has degraded to the point of creating a stir at a FUNERAL to create self promotion...

Please tell me this is not where reality shows have led us.
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