Christmas avatar requests - 2011 Edition

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Requesting some Christmasification of Damp Rarity for some holiday cheer post-Turkey Day...

No Santa's hat, though... would ruin the effect.

Specifically, I'm thinking updating her neckerchief to a Christmas design (see this example for reference) and give her some bright red Christmas boots with white tufts and green bows (see this example for reference).

Adding some snow for effect might also be nice. Many thanks in advance.
Would rather see that pony pulling a sleigh having the shit whipped out of it by frantic running-late santa on Xmas morning
Manos, what were you saying you wanted on yours?

You said a blue christmas hat. Like a santa hat?
Yes. That said...

He probably wants something like this

but I think the following would look better

but the top would be cut off with his current avatar.
Yeah, pretty much if someone can do the second, dear god yes!

Regardless thank you very much for taking the time to do anything! It's much appreciated!
Not open for further replies.