Chrono Trigger or Xenogears: You can only pick one to be remade

Which one?

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To be frank, Xenogears is a brilliant example of what one of the best devs of the time could achieve with an undelayable deadline and an exhausted budget. It’s a great achievement on its own merits, and its mixture of sprites and polygons is a testament to the tech and creativity of its era. It’s a miracle the game exists, came out, and was localized into English. Any dev would just drop the project now at some point before release, especially for budget reasons.

But yeah, between the two, it’s the one that could benefit from a remake. There’s nary a pixel in Chrono Trigger that could be changed and make the game better.
Team Xenogears salute. Who remembers the Xenogears demo? My friend and I spent *hours* trying out all the dope combos in battle, lots of "yooooooo! Did you see that shit?!" moments. Eventually the full game released and it was absolutely glorious 🔥🔥🔥


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Come on guys think about it DQXI Artstyle + FFVIIR Battle System

Imagine how much fun it would be to do those double and triple techs in a Chrono Trigger remake, y'all know you want it
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Wow. I'm guessing you didn't actually play the game. It's the classic "pulling the rug out from under the audience".

If you played the game, you'd know the game starts off giving the impression of being the original FF7, but soon realize a certain silver-haired villam has traveled through time to "Remake"/change history.

It's a sequel. It's not even debatable. If you can't understand that because of the title (which is an intentional play on words), you don't have any room to be calling anyone stupid.

Again. I'm pretty sure you've never even played this game that you hold such strong negative feelings towards.


Xenogeaes needs it the most but also needs the most work. If the original talent isn't on board to finish disk 2 don't bother. Just playing the game without a text speed hack these days is annoying.

Chrono trigger is an almost perfect game. If SE wanted to do the 2d HD treatment and not touch anything that'd be great.


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Xenogears wasn't really finished once, in the first place. I'd be all about modern day graphics and sound design alongside a second half that isn't truncated. Honestly, they'd fuck up Chrono Trigger, anyway. That game is an icon of the 16 bit era just like ALTTP and FFVI. Even if it were a great remake, something essential would be lost in translation, whereas early PS1 games are perfect for remakes, because, yeah, they're about as old, but late Super NES games were software made by people who had unlocked the full potential of the console, whereas PS1 stuff was like....people throwing shit at the wall and seeing what stuck, because 3D games were the final frontier.


Chrono is already a timeless classic, and doesn't need a remake. Modern Square Enix could only ruin it.

Xenogears was an unfinished game at release, so there's a chance to go back and finish it properly. Also, as long as they keep the combat the same, they can't really mess it up. It's already semi-action combo focused, so zero attention span zoomers that they want to market to should be ok playing it, and they don't have to butcher it like FFVII:R's combat.


Haven't played Xenogears yet but I heard it's kind of unfinished on the second part. So I go for this one. But I wouldn't change the art style.

Chrono Trigger is near perfect. It just needs a re release on modern system.


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Chrono Trigger, as it is may be considered pretty much complete with very little room for improvements without altering the main core too much...

But Xenogears. What a hot mess it was in its final portion. I was all the way up to the final disc and at the end, with all that jibbery jibbery monologues going on in space - I just quit the game.
Loved the game till that portion - but because of final disc just felt like they just ran out of dev money like last episode of Evangelion, I just quit.. and I really rarely quit on games.
(and it became one of the reason I never wanted to get into Xenosaga series)

So yes - I chose Xenogears, because it has quite a bit of things to be "fixed" for remade.


Just put both through proper A.I up scaling just like passion projects do(with an original toggle ofcourse) and release them on every platform you cowards 😢


Xenogears 😁 should look good with HD 2d treatment. Don't expect something like ffvii r is financially reasonable.


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I choose Xenogears because that game is awesome.
Never played Chrono Trigger and HATE the Dragon Ball art style.
I think a lot of people are thinking whichever game gets remade would get the FFVII Remake treatment, but you'd be way more likely to see a Secret of Mana Remake treatment for either of these.

Chrono Trigger, in theory, could work with a nice graphical update, but since Secret of Mana was arguably worse than the original, I wouldn't count on Square being able to pull it off.
Xenogears would not have any of it's problems fixed with a remake in that style.


Xenogears, and it's not even close. I'm just afraid of what it could become without the original team being heavily involved...
So right now I would even accept a simple rerelease on the PS+ (this time also in PAL territories please Sony/Square).

Honestly, I think the only remake that could be done for Chrono Trigger is one with 2D-HD graphics. That's it.
Xenogears but not by any team currently extant at Square-Enix right now. They would fuck it up to high hell.

Without a complete reverential respect for the lore and complex narratives in that game, I don't want the kind of shitty, campy, ham-handed writing modern SE seems to put out (FFVIIR included) anywhere near Xenogears.

Also respect the turn-based combat, as I doubt a real-time system with on-foot + mech combat would work well at all.


Xenogears. SE would likely ruin the lovely sprite art of Chrono Trigger, while the PS1 era polygons of Xenogears have aged like milk and need rescue. Of course if they are going to add “modern sensibilities,” then stay away from both.


Chrono Trigger does not need a remake at all it's fantastic as is and the visuals hold up. It needs to be playable on every modern system though
Call me crazy or edgy or whatever but Chrono Trigger is pretty overrated imo... the time-travelling is cool enough of a gimmick to sell to kids but it's not meaningful because the world and the cast aren't really fleshed out or characterised enough to make me care, and the battle system is basic enough to become tedious... it's nothing on the contemporary Final Fantasy games but something about Toriyama's art overrides the rational part of the gamer mind.

Despite my opinion of the game though, I'd admit that it's a complete game with an ageless aesthetic. It doesn't really need a remake. Xenogears meanwhile is infamous for its latter portion where suddenly a narrator is reading the scenario to you with some interruptions for certain boss fights and dungeons, and it hasn't aged well visually either. So I think Xenogears is an easy choice.

Xenogears so I can get excited about a game with the word “Xeno” in it again ,that other Xeno game has really destroyed the word with its massive anime boobies for everyone except weird anime wankers.

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Haha, yeah. So this game is on Switch right
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Xenogears I guess since there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on this game. Sometimes, it’s all over the place with its mech mechanics and battle system. That’s just me.


Xenogears because it's the one that actually needs a remake given how dated the technical part is (very early super raw 3D) and also the last part of the game needs to be expanded with actually playable sections.


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Man it’s depressing as fuck to to think back. I thought these 2 games were just the beginning, that JRPGs were really elevating video game storytelling to a new level. But looking back, this was the peak that will never be attained again. It’s over 20 years later and we’re wishing for a remake because nothing since then has come close.

Anyway my choice would be Xenogears. Chrono Trigger was a complete game that I think was exactly what its creators intended it to be, whereas Xenogears was obviously not finished and they were barely able to cram everything in that they wanted


I like Chrono Trigger more as a game but it doesn't need a remake. So Xenogears, which I think would benefit more from a remake provided it's not done by Nomura or Toriyama.
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