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NSFW Chunk! I Know You're Reading This. We Want You Back!


Jan 26, 2009
If they don't post then they don't deserve us. Fuck em. We still got Cunth Cunth . Can we get him to stop posting about his future wife?


Apr 6, 2014
North East, England
GAF has been a lot of fun the last couple of months without the drama and "I have to be the centre of attention"-level input that MHK and Chunk bring imho. MHK especially needs to stay on his meds and away from electronic devices.


Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020
GAF has been a lot of fun the last couple of months without the drama and "I have to be the centre of attention"-level input that MHK and Chunk bring imho. MHK especially needs to stay on his meds and away from electronic devices.
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Cutty Flam

Dec 3, 2019
It is now time to write and take advantage of this thread’s NSFW tag. In spirit of waiting for prolific posters to return, the style of this post will be my best attempt at reflecting the genius of a MiyazakiHatesKojima MiyazakiHatesKojima thread. This one is the start of a horror film / screenplay dedicated to Chunk, a poster who enjoys oiled up big, fat, juicy, busty big tits, big, rotund fat latina asses packed in tight jeans, good video games, mma fights, among other things a man of culture would no doubt take interest in

This is the tale of Lawrence ‘Chunk’ Cohen Lawrence ‘Chunk’ Cohen ’s departure from his kin, the untold tale of a man of inexplicable and unprecedented courage. The story of a man who vowed to never speak the true reason of his absence in order to protect his friends. Protect his friends, from entering into, and suffering the same fate as he......

Chapter 1: Summer Creams and Dreams of Screams

It was a few days before the start of summer and the mowing of lush, green grass in the morning carried faintly into the air still into the afternoon. This was your typical sunny day in the city, everyone out and about enjoying the hot weather, the inviting atmosphere of fun activities taking place well throughout. But little did Lawrence ‘Chunk’ Cohen Lawrence ‘Chunk’ Cohen know, what his little trip to the curb to meet the ice cream truck and the ice cream woman, would hold in store for him.....

He pulled out and peered into his leather wallet—a warm smile on his face, gently pinching onto a Lincoln, three Washingtons. “The usual, Lucille. There’s just..something about that Sonic The Hedgehog blue gum-ball nose and the choco taco combo.” Lawrence looked up to hand her the money, his friendly smile still well intact, intact until the very moment he locked eyes with the woman he expected all this time to have been the cheerful and happy-go-lucky Lucille. She who had fulfilled his many afternoon dessert requests all throughout the Spring

“Oh...” Chunk stammered. “My apologies, I thought you were a good friend of mine for a moment. She usually stops by right around this time. My name is Lawrence by the way, but you can call me Chu——.....” he never finished that sentence. Our story’s hero, Lawrence ‘Chunk’ Cohen Lawrence ‘Chunk’ Cohen , had already fallen victim; deep into a terrible trance of the darkest of magic. Now Chunk is no stranger to dark magic, having battled far and wide across the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as its sister universe (unbeknownst and nameless to all except for Chunk and this story too will have its bearing later) but this woman was no typical sorceress. In fact, she was no sorceress at all. Nor be she the witch of the Worst Withering Woods where cuck bones lay scattered beneath the earth’s scorched leaves. Nor was she any other alarming foe that could be traced back to folklore. Frankly, our hero has never even imagined, in all his years scheming of plans and blueprints of war, the likes of such a perilous villain. The gods above peered nervously at the situation, looking on to the young and mighty Chunk as the present moment moved unforgivingly forward, inching its way into unspeakable territory, for the unthinkable was soon to transpire in abominable fashion

An inconceivable, frightening raucous sound crossed and reverberated in the sky, shattering the welcoming light blue sky as we all know it to be, and darkness fell upon the land. The woman had jerked her neck, and Chunk began to levitate. “Where are you taking me, know that I will fight back and claim your soul to be inevitably cast into the well of the damned where it belongs wretched woman!” Chunk said with valor

“Admirable words. The mere audacious feat of regaining control of the brain cells needed for speech against one of my spells...is worthy enough to be acknowledged, and nevertheless...punished. Fear not, although you will fall to my hands in the end, I will make the matter—how you say—a rather enjoyable one” she had spoken eloquently in her half Russian, half Spanish accent. “As to the whereabouts of where you shall soon reside, none other than my lair————CONDOM CASTLE

To be continued...


Kev Kev

Gold Member
Oct 25, 2012
Daytona Beach, FL
I'm just glad he didn't die or something

We would never know if someone here died
I’ve thought the same thing

I know there is no anonymity here, at least no true anonymity. You can do things to protect your identity but if someone wants it bad enough, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be too crazy difficult to find someone’s full name and a social media account or something.

Then again I dunno, maybe it isn’t that easy, I honestly have no idea. Assuming it is however I’ve alway found it a bit curious to why we tend to favor a bit more on the privacy side here on GAF?

I mean, there’s swatting, doxxing and shit I’m sure more people could do, but for like 99% of us that kind of shit will never happen. What are gaffers so worried about? And if we are so worried, just look at Facebook. People personal info all over that place and you don’t see every person on FB getting

It’s not just here either, it’s the same on almost all of these online forum board type places. It’s like we’re allstill stuck in the idea of having a “screen name” and an “online persona” lol. Maybe it’s a data sharing thing? People don’t want their name or any kind of info out there for any sort of data collection?

i dunno, I’m genuinely curious about what the various reasons from gaffers are about why they would never use their full name or share their social media accounts or anything like that on here. It doesn’t seem like too big of a deal to me? Maybe I’m being too open and naive?

point being, if someone was missing or dead, then at least we would know about it and could possibly help authorities in some way. Obviously that’s a scary worst case scenario but.... I dunno, I like most of you dood’s on here, why are we so concerned about not getting too close with one another? I dunno just some food for thought I guess

Thoughts anyone?

as for Chunk, I didn’t even notice he was gone until I saw this topic. Maybe he just needed a break from TaySan? 😂

and Matt is definitely not dead lol he’s just taking time off to be with his wife so they can raise their fuck trophies lmao