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Clown World Thread | 🤡🌎 | pɐǝɹɥ⊥ pןɹoM uʍoןϽ


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Feb 28, 2019

Coming soon Victimopoly!
What if I identify as a woman just before passing go? I should get the 240 mbucks or fucking bigots! I'll identify as a man after go so I can pee standing up and leave the toilette sit up. This new gender shenanigans is pretty neet.
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Aug 18, 2006
I want to burn the fucking world down.... We ned someone like the Joker ASAP

WTF? Is this what the world is coming to?

Before you know it, everyone being born vaginally is going to be labeled sexist at birth or misogynistic because they slipped through that magical hole that fellers don’t have and assaulted their mom down there with all that pain and suffering known as child birth.


Jan 3, 2014

Coming soon Victimopoly!
I'm going to guess the layout of the board is the same, in which case the difference in money won't matter all that much. The player that managed to get the monopoly on the orange/red properties usually wins the game. Also if you get a monopoly, never buy hotels and only buy up to 3 houses for best ROI,, then go to four to deny other players from using the set total number of houses.

Lessons learned from years of family Monopoly games.
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Aug 30, 2014
Wait, it's real? I thought it was a joke...
Never underestimate clown world.

In the rules:

1] Male players take an extra turn every 5 rounds to simulate the additional hours they work every week on average.

2] Edited community card: Go directly to jail card now reads: "If you are male: Go to Jail–Go directly to jail–Do not pass Go–Do not collect $200. If you are female consider this a stern warning,"

3] Women may take off a piece of clothing instead of paying rent should they land on a male player's property.

4] New community chest card: Divorce! Take half of the nearest male player's cash and property. Additionally, this player must now pay you half of all income for the rest of the game.

5] new chance card: "Male coworker looks in your general direction! Collect $150 sexual harassment settlement!" house rule: collect this any time a male player looks at you.

6] free parking has been replaced with Planned Parenthood. Special house rule: fine money collects here, first to get an abortion gets it all!
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Sep 4, 2018
I was watching this video:

Then I saw this tweet there along with other things in the video:


Bonus round for breeding fetish from the same video. :messenger_hushed:
disgusting shit for a woman to say.

ah yes, of course, it's another fat white man calling himself a woman and doing feminism by aggressively threatening real women.
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Aug 12, 2008
Lol at the FEAR patch. Lee Ving is right wing and would beat a crusties ass if they had the temerity to pull any shit at a show.

Reminds me of a show where Born Against was headlining; a bunch of crusties had taken over the floor and sat down, attempting to deny anyone from slam dancing in the pit. As soon as the first guitar chords hit, the singer Sam McPheeters jumped off stage and tagged one of the crusties in the head with the microphone. They (crusties) got wrecked in the ensuing chaos.

I had thought Born Against was going to be all for that shit, turns out they were tired of the jerks as well.
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Apr 25, 2009
Gender gap monopoly [also monopoly socialism edition]. It's shocking how deep and fast this all happened, first in gaming, but then everything from movies, to magic the gathering, board games, knitting.

Either these fuckers are military geniuses and infiltrated everything, or we've got a bunch of rabid idiots scattered through society.

Gender gap monopoly. Fucking A. At least they don't need to rename hungry hungry hippo when they make the communist edition.
Well they also made Monopoly for Millennials that just shits all over millennials. It’s very self-aware and it they’re just out to trigger anyone and everyone then I can respect the hustle.