Club Nintendo Japan: Yoshi plushie and SMB decoration tape now available

The first is the perfect gift for Jeff Gerstmann, the second the ideal gift for psychopaths with lingering feelings for Nintendo (so again Jeff Gerstmann, but only after getting his first gift).

(All kidding aside, thanks for the update OP!)
That yoshi looks soft as hell.
I'm not disappointed by the NA rewards since I've never played Earthbound but it is kind of lame that this plush wasn't an option here.
Well, I'm sure it'll come over eventually (alongside Yoshi's new game maybe?)
I'm pretty satisfied with the European Club Nintendo to be honest, I got this one pretty rare MK7 trophy and that Luigi figurine. Both unopened, collecting dust.

(Waiting for the crazy rich Nintendo fan wanting to buy them for 999999999€ each.)
Why couldn't they just make the plushie the NA Platinum reward?
It cost more than just putting out digital download codes.

Weird how Japan is where Wii U is struggling most and yet Japan continues to get the goods.

Is it France or North America that treats Nintendo the best? In any case, we Americans get the shaft constantly even though we're one of Nintendo's strongest markets.