Cod, anyway play online?

Well, I've had the game for a few weeks.

Anyway play online? The Killcam is pretty cool when servers allow it. There isn't much to the game, but it's pretty fun.. just wondering if anyone plays out there, or what servers they are playing on.

Also, man Punkbuster isn't working worth a crap right now.
Im downloading some mods and maps right now actually. Ive recently gone back to it in the last week in preparation for the expansion pack, its damn fun. I play on random servers but if you see someone named BPM thats me. I usually play TDM, S&D, and HQ
Yeah, the maps iwth a challenge S&D type are definately where it's at. I think I'll go back to TFC when I get a chance, but it would be fun to play with GA ppl if/when they/we get the chance. Let me know! :)