COD: Ghosts PS4 case jacket leaked; 49GB install


Want to see how the cover jacket of Call of Duty: Ghosts for PS4 looks? Now you can, even if not in English.

Twitter user Bati, that works at the Spanish branch of the retailer Game, tweeted the picture above, showing the Spanish cover jackets of the PS4 version of the game, including the back of the cover, that was never seen before. From the picture we learn that the installation on the PS4′s hard disk will take at least a whopping 49 GB of space, meaning that the game’s Blu Ray is almost fully packed with data.

As an added piece of bonus information Bati also mention that the jackets are “slightly bigger” than those of PS3 games.
Via Dualshockers and my buddy FullMetaltech.
God damn, even CoD of all games? It's quite apparent that 500 GB harddrives are not going to be enough.

Both consoles require mandatory installs of all games right?
didnt cerny say ps4 games entirely install as you play?

this isnt quite the same as the "install before you can play" thing on ps3 currently. it just means the entire game is 49gb
Uncompressed audio and video? I'm guessing most games this gen will have that. Which will take up a ton of space.

Are we going to see a ton of hard drive failures with so much data being written and read off these drives?
I imagine it's just lazy compression to shave a few seconds off load times. Bet you each FMV is there 5 times over with 5 different languages as the sound.
Basically, everybody is just going to have to make sure we always have at least 50GB free, for when we play a retail game.

I'd like to know how much needs to be installed before you can start playing.
I don't think it's anything like you have to wait. It just installs data while you're playing. And I assume, whenever you take the disk out the data deletes.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
I know people don't like to invoke it, but this shit is just 'lazy developers' material prime. They haven't figured out those blu-ray discs and streaming yet? For a cross-gen title?
Is there a PC game that needs that much GB?

And after seeing the PS4 footage on IGN, I'm actually interested to see what those 49GB do - because it looked like a jaggy PS3 game in that specific video