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So I've been breezing through this game, dispatching most bosses either first time or after a couple of attempts. And then holy difficulty spike, Batman. Smough and Ornstein version 2. It took me around 2 hours to beat them. And straight after those two? Yeah, that wasn't easy, either. Though I managed to get it done in around half an hour. I hope it doesn't get harder from here...
Game is easier than Souls game (which is fine by me), these bosses were the most difficult ones, and you are actually getting pretty close to the end I believe.
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The only boss that i had serious problems with and died countless times was the last (true) one. That shit was almost frustratingly broken and unfair. There is a way though that if you use the right NPC and skill combinations you can almost one shot him. I admit i looked that up on the internet because it was the only boss battle i just didn't enjoyed at all and wanted to finish it as quickly as possible.
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