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Codemasters “Biggest AAA Game” is World Rally Championship Amid QA Troubles


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Recently, we came across a few new job listings on the Codemasters website, all of which suggest that the company has an unannounced AAA racing game in the works and it’s quite enthusiastic about it.

One of the spotted job listings is for the Development Manager position at the company’s Cheshire studio in the United Kingdom. The description for the job listing reads, “Codemasters Cheshire are currently looking for a Producer to join the team as they look ahead to their next project having delivered Dirt 5, the racing experience, that welcomed in the next generation of consoles.”


Furthermore, the description also mentions, “Under the guidance of the Development Director and with support from the production team, you will help handle production of the studios’ next key project – which promises to be the most ambitious and biggest game that Codemasters has made in over a decade!” Of course, it’s uncertain which franchise this new game is from. However, it’s clear that it’s going to be a massive one.

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Dirt 5 is underrated but also not fully next gen and minds blowing, but I could see how they can make an amazing racing game.. I'm looking forward to it
This is probably not it, but I'd love to see Codemasters doing an old school, non-open world, location based, simcade NFS like a Porsche Unleashed. They already have the tech and the experience to make a good looking and good feeling driving game.


Wasn't it said couple of years ago that Codemasters is returning to do the next NFS? I swear EA mentioned it officially.


Hmm something along GT/FM lines with interesting career mode and good offroad racing would be cool to see. And multiplatform ofc.


Studio Cheshire (previously Evolution) has level and ability to do great things. Technologically they are always up to the task and their games always look great.

Dr. Claus

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AAA budget on car games or sport ones are a waste of money imo

Sports games I would agree. Racing games, I disagree. Racing has a lot of variables, testing, and features that require AAA budget to get the most out of. Sports games, really don't. And the fans are clearly stupid enough to buy the same tired shit every year so they clearly don't care about quality.


they should reboot some series then and make new engine for that . interesting what they call biggest game as biggest world ? then its not racing game, or maybe some open world racing game. anyone remember Fuel ? maybe its new Fuel
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What comes into your mind when thinking a RACING game that is to be the most ambitious and biggest AAA game ever.

better graphics? more cars? more real tracks? Burnout takedown ?
this better not be a typical racing game or CREW-like.
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