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Comanche announced for PC


Nov 21, 2014

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Nukklear announced Comanche for PC during the Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live show. An “Early Access” program will launch in early 2020.

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website:

After the Iran-US RQ170 incident, in which a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) was hacked and captured through cyberwarfare, the US army secretly revived the development of the RAH-66 helicopter program for special operations. The goal was to develop a highly maneuverable, highly advanced stealth war machine for impervious and mountainous terrain, that can deploy unhackable low-range drones to operate in high-risk environments. The program was a full success, and the Comanche special units seemed unstoppable in their missions.

But then the blueprints leaked through a whistleblower website, and so every group and power, who could afford it, built and modified the Comanche for their own purposes. A new era of helicopter warfare had begun.

Comanche is a modern team-based online multiplayer helicopter shooter set in the near future. Choose from an array of Comanche and drone configurations, and utilize their strengths to your tactical advantage. Experience a new era of thrilling dog-fights and stealthy drone close quarter action. Hone your skills and compete with other pilots in ranked matches.

Key Features

  • Two in one: Control an technically advanced version of the legendary Comanche helicopter in heated dog-fights, and step into its accompanying drone for close quarter combat.
  • Many strategic opportunities: Pick one of many Comanche / Drone combinations armed with varied weapons and unique gadgets that compliments your playing style.
  • Asymmetrical gameplay: Be either on the attacking or the defending side.


Dec 7, 2016
León, Spain


Jan 3, 2019
Not a good look, maybe some other music and smarter editing could have saved the trailer.


Neo Member
Jun 16, 2019
Oh my god noooooo! I have been waiting for something about a new comanche and silently wished it was a remake of 3 or at least 4. Now these morons are gonna fuck it up so hard that we'll be waiting another 10 years to get if at all something out of it that is not this online shit! And the premise? Oh yeaaah the blueprints leaked and now everyone has a comanche oh jesus... Damn it I'm angry, and sad.