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COMICS!!! |OT| December 2016. Motor Girl is my new Motor Crush

Are they counting miniseries?

no, this like runs of comics, so ongoings or something close to it like Bryan Lee O' Malley's Scott Pilgrim. So no Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, Civil War 2: The Search for More Money, etc.

anyway the REAL #1 showed up #33 so rest easy ya'll

synder batman in the top 10(!), few points away from overtaking Morrison batman(!?!?!?)


Lets see where my favourites are...

92 Nextwave

80 Carl Barks' Duck Comics

79 Gotham Central

62 Love & Rockets

54 Fourth World

40 Transmetropolitan

33 Doom Patrol

31 Astro City

24 Planetary


10 Geoff Johns Green Lantern

8 Snyder Batman

Please no more posts in here.

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Morrison Batman has some wondrous highs but I thought it wasn't all that great. And I can't stop thinking about the worst two issues I've ever read. Clown at Midnight and that one with the early 90s CGI art. I'm a huge Morrison fan and Batman is easily my least favorite thing I've read from him. But I completely understand that weird runs can have varied opinions. And this is certainly one weird run.

Clown at Midnight was legit unreadable for me, lol. It's just like... why.

And Internet 2.0 (that's the one with the CG art) was very nearly as bad.

Morrison's Batman is like an incredibly skilled orchestra with an genius composer and conductor where some of the instruments are just poorly tuned. When it all comes together, it's face-meltingly brilliant, but there's little bits that occasionally crap out and give us some dumb shit like those two issues, or prevent the series from reaching the highs it could've (like, the Batman Incorporated characters are a cool idea, but they never really get used all that well in the run itself).

Snyder Batman hits equally high highs (Zero Year is some legit "greatest Bat story ever" stuff), but despite that, I think it's fair to rate it lower overall. While Morrison did occasionally drop into truly mind-numbingly terrible issues, the overall resting quality is better. Snyder's difficulty in landing his arcs hurts him here.

It's all irrelevant anyway since The Omega Men is the best thing to come out of cape comics in the last 40 years.

(Maybe a little hyperbole there)
I just ordered the Gotham Central Omnibus on Amazon.ca -- I've been wanting it for a while, but the $100 price tag always put me off. This morning, keepa popped up saying it was $67 so I jumped on it.

The bad news is that it says "usually ships within 1-2 months" which is... weird.




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Absolutely love these. Zodiac Master is a hell of a deep pull and goober Robin is adorable.

I also got a duplicate Nurse Harley
or nurse Kelly Sue DeConnick, as I like to call her
if anyone wants it. Let me know.
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