COMICS!!! |OT| May 2017 - Every Empire Falls

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I'm guessing it's automatically applied when you click to buy one of the eligible books. Otherwise just get in touch with amazon customer service
Just click the Buy Now with 1 Click link and you'll get whichever you select for free.
Both of you are right. I have seen my receipt, no charge.
Unfortunately, Customer Service also doesn't know the details on how the promo works because they help me to get a refund.
Does Barnes and Noble ship each book separately? I've now gotten 5 different emails for an order of 6 books, one which included 2 of them together. Seems like a waste of shipping packaging if that's the case.
I just ordered from them a week before Flash vol 2 came out. They held my whole order until they could ship Flash, so I think the default is to ship as few pieces as possible. I used free at $25 shipping. Maybe you paid for shipping or have a membership? I would double check they didn't hit you with extra shipping charges if neither of the above are true.
frye, why would you want to do that to yourself.
the Millar/Quitely Authority comics are actually my favourite Authority stuff and easily in my top 3 Mark Millar things (that said even as a fan some of the uncensored pages strike me as a bit too much and one of the scenes in particular is incredibly racist and misogynistic in a very cruel and unpleasant way)
You guys remember way back in 2016 when Marvel was dominating the comic industry, Image was our creative darling, and DC was laughable dreck?

Those were simpler times. Trump wasn't president, for starters.
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