Conker's Big Reunion Bundle Free this Weekend in Project Spark (Win10/8 & Xbox One)


Aug 4, 2011

This weekend the, normally $10, Conker Play & Create Bundle will be marked down to 1 credit of in-game currency in Project Spark. All you have to do is log-in (get 75 credits) and you're good to go. If you haven't played Project Spark before you will probably have to do a decently long tutorial first - not sure if that has been changed since folk complained earlier this year when the Conker add-on first released.

Just going to paste the FAQ from the OT.

What is it?
Conker's Big Reunion is an episodic "sequel" to Conker's Bad Fur Day made in Project Spark.

What is Project Spark?
Project Spark is a free to play game where you are given the tools to make and play your own games.

How long is this episode?
The first episode is about an hour long.

How much is it?
To buy the first episode is $5/£4. To buy the creation pack that will allow you to make Conker related games is $10/£8. This also includes the first episode of Conker's Big Reunion and the first episode of Champion's Quest where you are able to play as Conker as an optional character.

What is the Conker Creation Pack?
That pack comes with 350 pieces of Conker related assets to use to make your own Conker "games".

Is there any info on new episodes? Will there even be any?
New episodes/creation packs are still in the planning stages.

How do I play it?
Download Project Spark on your Windows 8/10 PC for free and buy the content there. The content should also be available on the Xbox store. *For this free weekend the DLC must be "bought" from the in-game store on XB1 as well*

Does Chris Seavor do the voice of Conker?

Is the DLC crossbuy?
Yes. Buying on your Xbox One will allow you to play the content on your PC and vice versa.

Do I need the creation pack to play Conker creations others have made?
No. You can play (not edit) creations using assets you don't own.

What is the rating for the DLC?
The DLC is rated 'T'.


May 10, 2009
If I "buy" it this weekend on Windows 8, will I get to use this on my Xbox One later if I don't have one yet?

edit: I just saw the OP answered this. Sorry posters.


Jun 4, 2006
Heads up if you are fresh to project spark you have about 45 minutes of tutorial to get through before you can buy and play anything else.

And that's if you rush.

Last time this was free I managed to get conker out of bounds, die and spawn at the start with no objects loaded, softlocked lol.


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Oct 7, 2014
I just got an X1, so I have no idea what's going on, but I'll check this tutorial out

Thanks, TC