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Consensus among ppl in USA about Greta?? Feels like trying to have cake and eat it too


Aug 7, 2019
Sorry to disappoint you OP, but nobody talks about her in daily conversations in person


Probable Replicant & GIF PIMP
Oct 10, 2012
I've largely managed to avoid the phenomena (the lengthy Brexit Saga led to me eschewing the world of mainstream news for the last couple of years tbh ) so it's only really that I heard about her tangentially via GAF. I think the first real glimpse I got was this one: -

Where she goes from normal face to tantrum face in a matter of seconds at the arrival of Trump

For some reason that told me all I needed to know, though the 'How Dare you' Memes have been pretty funny as well.

Certainly, I think Climate change is a legitimate concern, but I'm not entirely sure she's the best person to speak on such matters, especially given her strategy is simply 'STAP!!!' versus presenting some actual feasible solutions and it does seem to me that as others have suggested she's just being ruthlessly exploited by her parents leveraging her clear mental impediments as a means to insulate her from mainstream criticism, which is kind of tragic really.
Mar 18, 2018
I'm not going to dog on you for wanting to go 4x4ing and riding motorcycles. I ski, it's terrible for the environment.

If this was an attempt to offend me, please note I work with tons of O&G people, and have spent plenty of time around Sturgis.
I’m not going 4x4ing. I’m driving it cross country, coast to coast. I’ll be riding my bikes only in the salt flats or tinerking about in towns not having to move camp to get beer and fart producing materials.

Just saying I am going to balance you out. Or maybe I will be sleeping better because you are balancing me out. :goog_unsure: