Console War III: Sony's first jab at Microsoft: "Jump Out", "Yoga Isn't Gaming"

I like this aggressive marketing, mainly because I'm worried that MS will neglect what made them such a force to begin with.

But yeah, the system wars have begun itshappening.gif
*sigh* That odd feeling when you realise you are now older than a company's primary demographic.


fake edit: wow I sounded quite condescending there. But seriously; as fun as this is to watch, who is this type of marketing actually appealing to? As far as I can tell it just makes the Sony fans giggle and the XBox fans say "pfffft". It's winning no one over, surely? Or am I just middle aged now?


Hopsiah the Kanga-Jew
All I can say is the size of the boat Microsoft hires to sail past the Sony event is going to need to be fucking massive to right this injustice!
That's pretty agressive. Interesting. The way I understand it, they intend to show motion games, but with a less "casual" flavour. Or maybe they won't bet on motion at all, but that wouldn't fit the info we have (or think we have) on the PS cameras and pads.

I'm also starting to wonder if all the bad buzz agais MS of the last weeks wasn't controlled leaks.
I always thought "Think outside the box" would be a good advertising slogan for PlayStation in the states. It is probably trade marked or something though.

Not buying into companies talking shit about each other though. I'll decide when I see both of your products. The PS4 reveal is going to epic regardless because it is our first real taste of the next generation (yeah I said it) and we won't be able to balance it out at all until the Xbox 3 reveal.