Console War III: Sony's first jab at Microsoft: "Jump Out", "Yoga Isn't Gaming"

Naw man.

First shot was Kaz with the "let MS announce first" fake out.

As an Xbox/360 guy, Sony definitely has the more positive buzz going on so far in my opinion. I'm actually pretty interested in what they show on the 20th.
Now this is gaming!
Part of me hopes that Sony is going to step away from that market (not necessarily casual games, but games that are just... glorified tools) and put the focus back on gaming as being fun and creative and stimulating.

The realistic part of me knows this is just hypocritical trash-talk and there will be tons of crap like this on every next-gen console.

Still, fun times!
I wouldn't be surprised if Sony decides to play offensive this round. They lost a massive amount of marketshare in the last gen to Microsoft, and getting them back won't be easy. Live has made people dangerously attached to their existing user profiles. If switching consoles means losing a friends list, achievement history, and digital game library that they've now spent the better part of a decade amassing - it's going to be a hard sell. And that might mean Sony courts the hardcore gamer by rubbing Microsoft's face in the past few years of Kinect & dashboard ads.
It looks like the PS4 is going to cater towards gaming, as opposed to Microsofts catering towards "entertainment".
I don't think Sony is as a stupid as some GAFers who think that a console with such a narrow scope as "core gaming" is going to float in 2013. Both consoles will cater towards "entertainment".

Showing off Evolution arcade racer #4 with pretty graphics isn't going to sell millions of consoles, nor is this Sega-esque marketing strategy.

I love Sony's first party line-up as much as the next GAFer, but if their next console isn't the equivalent of a gaming Apple TV then it'll fizzle pretty quickly after early adopters carry it through the launch period. What's wrong with a console that can play COD *and* do entertainment *and* yoga 'games'? Of course PS4 will undoubtedly end up having this broader strategy in the long-term (just like PS3), hence why this marketing is silly.
You people can have your console wars ..........i am jumping out of next gen. no more overpriced system and games for me.
I'd like to agree with you. Ideally I'll stick with this generation as long as I can, hopefully by then the wii U will be in its prime, and cheaper....but I'm pretty sure once those shiny new ip's show up I'll be selling my methadone.
I like trash talk in anything that is competitive as long as it is ads like this and not full blown mud slinging though pr people. "Sega does what nintendont" or "I don't" Droid commercials or the galaxy s4 commercials are fun to me. Every competitor throws jabs at the other, and some people on gaf get too sensitive about it. It's not that serious.
Unfortunately not. Consoles have been holding it back for quite sometime (with the exception of crysis and witcher 2)
Agreed. The hardware has been there, but the consoles have been holding it back. I'm glad that more and more PC devs are heading to Kickstarter to bring out the potential of the PC, like Chris Roberts and Star Citizen. I'm hoping with the ease in development with the new consoles and the similar architecture that PC gaming will really take off.

But with the rumored AMD issue, I'm not so sure. Guess we'll see.