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Constantin Film, John Wick Creator Derek Kolstad To Turn Video Game Just Cause Into Movie.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Constantin Film has acquired the feature film rights to the hit video game franchise Just Cause, and set as screenwriter Derek Kolstad, the creator and writer of the John Wick trilogy. Deal was made with game owner Avalanche Studios and Square Enix. Constantin is teaming up with Prime Universe Films to launch what they hope will be a big action franchise.

Kolstad comes off the latest John Wick film and recently selling his pitch for the action film Booker to Sony. Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer and Prime Universe Film’s Adrian Askarieh will produce along with Kolstad. Constantin Film’s Martin Moszkowicz will be exec producer along with Square Enix.

The filmmakers expect to set a director quickly, and a star as a 2020 start date is eyed by Constantin.

Gavin Stevens

Formerly 'o'dium'
But all the fun came from sticking rockets on cows...? They can’t do that for 2 hours can they?

On a serious note, it COULD be a good ip for film if it’s made like a fast and the furious type deal.
Just Cause was a riff on Hollywood action movies. Full circle I guess.

Hoping for the best, but not really seeing the allure here beyond the next summer action movie (which have kind of been overshadowed by Marvel.)

Boss Mog

One of my favorite videogame franchises. Rico Rodriguez is the action hero Hollywood desperately needs. Somebody that blows shit up and gets things done. Hopefully it will feature Tom Sheldon and good casting.
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