Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! releases August 24 on Steam ($13). Full gameplay trailer.

By gaffer chubigans. Launches later on PS4.

There’s a lot of new features I want to talk about today, so let’s go!

Restaurant Customization

Here’s a look at your starting restaurant. It’s not much of a looker…and in fact it has the basic minimum needed to even call it a restaurant.

In the first game you unlocked six different restaurant styles, but had no control over the design, or even a choice to choose one of the six. I wanted to radically change that for the sequel, so I’m proud to announce that Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! will for the first time allow you to customize your restaurant with nearly 1,000 unlockable objects!

At the end of each day you will get a random unlock from items ranging from walls and floors to ceiling lights, wall art, window placement, booths, tables and more. You can gain more unlocks by completing optional objectives and leveling up. Customers won’t really mind what kind of design style you choose- they’re just there for the food. You can go ultra luxurious or extremely cheap- it’s totally up to you! If you’re really lucky you’ll even unlock ultra rare foods and other rare objects. Keep playing and unlock it all!
NEW Local Co-Op Mode

If you watched the trailer above…and if you haven’t, what on earth are you waiting for, go go go!...then you noticed the big reveal of the all new local two player mode.

When CSD 1 was first released it didn’t even have any multiplayer components at all- I ended up adding it as a fun experiment later in development. I was caught off guard at how popular it was with many players, and made sure it was planned at the very first day of coding CSD 2. The problem was that, with the new mechanics of the game, it was much harder to implement the same style of multiplayer that was in CSD 1. I had to go back to the drawing board and figure out the best way of having a two player mode.

What I’ve found is that having two chefs in the kitchen is so much more fun than the expediter/cook mechanics of the first, and lends itself to having two different styles of play. If your partner isn’t quite as skilled at the game as you are, they can focus on taking care of the Holding Stations and doing the simple chores and drink stations while you handle the complex orders. If your partner is equal to the task, they can jump right into the complex orders when it gets crazy. You basically adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in, and it’s a blast.

One complaint that a few people had was the requirement for having a gamepad for local multi, so I added a new mouse and keyboard option for two players- one handles the mouse, the other the keyboard, no gamepad required! And of course you have the option of doing mouse/keyboard and gamepad, or two gamepads, whatever you like.

And best of all, aside from the tutorials, you can play the entire game in co-op mode. Player two can drop in and out between days and your progress continues. Feel free to play it however you want! And thanks to the adaptive difficulty, the game doesn’t change at all when switching between co-op and single player- if you find that you can get more perfect orders done as a duo, the game will scale up and make it a much more challenging day.

Developer Q&A

I’m going to be taking questions over on the Steam forums for the game, so feel free to ask me anything at all!

I know some of you have been following all the updates since I’ve started them a year or so ago, and now that the game is nearly final I’ve added more gameplay features and removed others. I’ll be going more in depth on those features in the forums later this week.

I sincerely hope that this game delivers on all of your expectations. I have spent a great deal of the money I made with CSD 1 into this game, and I hope it shows. I just wanted to make the best game ever. Oh, and if you haven’t tried CSD 1 yet, we’re putting it on sale tomorrow at 80% off! Be sure to grab a copy or two!

Let the countdown begin!


I need to get back to the first game again. I binged through it after the last major update I think, but haven't gone back to it in a while due to other stuff on my backlog.
Yes! Been waiting for this one for a while!

Time for more keyboard-breaking action hahaha. PSMCRPSMCRPSR-Noooooooooo!

I really hope there'll be more events like the
Cook-4-Luv and the Survivor Kitchen
from the first game :D.

Edit: gosh and it looks beautiful too though - the style of the game and the UI especially...
I loved the first one so much. I spent a week playing it till like 2am on days I had to work. Ready to play till 2am again. Just not on workdays though.


y'all should be ashamed
Man the first one is like fucking crack to me. Can't wait.

Chubigans your games are awesome man.

Can I chase thieves down the street in this one?
Oh man I wish! You get to do something way better to them this time around, no more portrait drawings.

What about Super Hard Mode DLC where you have to make all the sauces from scratch as well? ;P
I was roped into making a sauce once with my brother in law that took two hours and like 24 dirty pots and pans to make. That was like five years ago and I'm still upset. :mad:
Will this come to iOS?

I played the first one on my tablet (I was android at the time) and loved it! Tempted to grab the first one on iOS or maybe I'll just wait for the new one.

Anyway, can't wait! I'm definitely a fan.


y'all should be ashamed
Will this come to iOS?

I played the first one on my tablet (I was android at the time) and loved it! Tempted to grab the first one on iOS or maybe I'll just wait for the new one.

Anyway, can't wait! I'm definitely a fan.
I'm definitely gonna look at other platforms once I get the PS4 version out the door.