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Cool things Nintendo should do but never will because they are Nintendo

You just don't understand, all of this only further solidifies that he's only there as an advisor not the one doing the decision. Still, with all the past successful games that he's done why do you think he's not qualified for the job?

And for the record I like what he did with Star Fox, well not Paper Mario though. I understand the reason and I still don't like it. Doesn't mean he's not the creator the Mario creator though.
We'll agree to disagree then, after all this is a thread for anyone to post their thoughts on what would Nintendo do to please them.


A Zelda Title with a great story on strong, up to date hardware.

Buy rare back from Microsoft and bring us Conker another bad fur day
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A collaboration game similar to Kingdom Hearts, but with Nintendo characters.

Imagine Mario, Mickey, Donald, Link and Luke Skywalker together in an epic rpg or action-adventure. I could see something like this be even more successful than Smash Bros.

Just imagine the announcement trailer! Everyone’s face would look like my avatar!
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- Digital backwards compatibility
- Ports for reasonable prices
- Do cool things with IP like Golden Sun, Another Code etc..


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Nintendo should give 2 free switch games each month with Nintendo switch online subscription. But they are Nintendo, so not likely.

Cutty Flam

-Gameboy to 3DS games, all the best games from all those handhelds will be available for purchase on the Switch through eShop

-Mario Party Collectors Edition

-Mario Party playable Online both boards and minigames

-Make a Luigi monument twice the size of the Statue of Liberty

-N64 Online (nearly every game playable online)

-An online system that allows friends to communicate and play on some level. We can’t even message a friend on the Switch if we wanted to. The option is not even there. You also can’t invite your friends unless they are already playing the exact same game as you. Nintendo is trying to keep the experience pure and I understand their attention to detail in this way, in their paradigm to conduct business but still, find a way to allow your fans to have at least some kind of DECENT online experience. We have online, but it’s still not respectable yet

-Earthbound games (what is the reason they cannot sell or make them anymore again?)
Well, I already made a thread about it last year but I would love to play a Nintendo RPG with all of the different Nintendo characters and their worlds in a single adventure.

Other than that, I would like a new Golden Sun. I enjoyed playing all three games but Dark Dawn ended on a cliffhanger.


Get rid of the Nintendo online bullshit to play SNES/NES games. I want to buy them to keep without having to have a weak subscription!
Stop drip feeding us these old games. Remember how many games you released on Wii virtual console? Release them like that! Nintendo have the greatest back catalog of games. Why hold them back???
Where is the sequel to Mario Odyssey?
Where is Mario Galaxy 2?
Give us a more powerful Switch as a console ONLY. Compete with and smash Sony/Microsoft.
A proper sequel to Starfox 64.
Waverace 3?
F fucking Zero?
Please release Metroid Prime 4 soon, and while you're at it, where is the rerelease of Metroid Prime Trilogy?
Wii Sports 2?
A NEW Mario Kart on Switch?
Stop with the fucking gimmicks Nintendo!

In all honesty, I love Nintendo so much. Have since I was a young kid but god, they frustrate me like no other. On 1 hand they will give you exactly what you want and yet on the other hand, they are as stubborn as fuck and will not give us fans what we want!
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