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Copa América Centenario |OT| featuring Messi, James, Suárez and $110 mil in bribes

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OMG what a dream. Chile wins again.

I saw the match in a restaurant in a island in Cambodia. Didn't have internet all this time but thank god I found a place that was playing the match.

So proud of this team. That last save from Bravo before the penalties was just legendary.

Surprised I made wall of shame. Didn't realize I posted that much the last few weeks. :lol

I probably equaled my post count from the last two years in this Copa thread. It brought me out of hibernation.
Yeah, it's not only luck at all, skills both from the shooter and the goalkeeper play a key role.

Having said that, I don't like PK either, I love when a team scores after a beautiful well developed playing.
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