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Cossacks 3 launches on 20 September 2016 in stores and on Steam


May 14, 2011
Tried this on a whim because I wanted some RTS action and it looked cool.

Got sucked in for 4 hours the first night. Damn. It's certainly entertaining. Lots of different campaigns to go through too.

Performance has been mostly fine for me. I did get some temporary stutter and fps dips with a lot of units standing in formation in a same location, like 500. Oddly when they were in combat with around 300 enemies it was fine. I'm thinking it was a combination due to location... Many windmills near a river.

This is on my secondary PC which is still decent. 2500K @ 4.5 with a GTX 770 and 16gb ram + SSD. Haven't tried on primary yet to see if there's a difference for either CPU, GPU or both. I'll do that of it gets worse when I get into really massive amounts of troops.