Counter-Strike: Global Offensive |OT4| Overwatch is filled with cheaters



Hixx don't even start lol

I told you over a month ago "hey, btw, I might actually get banned I fucked up" and explained the whole thing -- and then when I actually did get banned a month later (on the day the sale ended because fuck you Valve) you come in here with your fucking friends and act like I've been cheating like crazy.
Matchups are up.

My predictions for winners are: Penta, FaZe, NaVi, IMT, C9, G2, SK, and then I think VP vs. Fnatic is a 50/50.

I don't think Aizy is working well in the North lineup, FaZe should be hungry after the upset, S1mple > Electronic, Vega are too inexperienced, Big are too inconsistent, Gambit is good but G2 are (on most days) on a different level and history shows that SK is too unrelenting for Astralis to handle. VP and Fnatic are just kind of a mess. Sometimes you get a glimpse of their prime coming through but idk. I'm leaning slightly towards Fnatic on this one, even if I think it's a 50/50.
Mouz going out in groups yet again (._. )
As is tradition. �� At least they can win tomorrow if they lose against Faze today, since those other 0-2 teams aren't that great. Imagine Na'Vi losing today and Mouz getting matched up against them tomorrow. ��

Pretty happy Astralis managed to prevail against Immortals yesterday. Their reward: play SK.
Also got my first drop this major: an Overpass case. ��

Edit: oh shit Mouz is playing well!
Glad Mouz won, would prefer both teams to make playoffs and feel Faze have a much better chance at the reverse sweep. Plus I might finally get to wear my mouz hoodie at an event they make playoffs :D

Edit - has Niko ever made it out of groups? He deserves it ffs
yeah a major has never been this bad which is insane when the game has been out for 5 years now.

great mixture of a unexperienced organiser and an oblivious developer creating a shitshow
There's a lot of back and forth about what happened but I think most people can agree that the multiple technical difficulties and the jump bug have taken a lot of the air out of this tournament. Hope they can get their shit together for the rest of the matches.