Couples wearing the same clothes.

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This always fascinated me, that you get to a point as a couple were you almost blend together and stop being and individual.
Well, some dude dedicated an entire website to it, and is planning to publish a book with the stories that go along with it.


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The closest we've ever gotten to matching outfits is wearing our demonia boots at the same time. This is just scary
It's popular here in South Korea with young couples.

It's big enough to be considered a fashion trend here, it's mentioned on TV shows, celebrity couples join in etc...
I knew this couple, they were both freshman at the time, so about 19 yrs old.

They walked into church one day and were wearing matching striped shirts (like the big thick stripes you would see on Rugby players) and not only was it the same color, etc. It was such that the lines lined up when they sat next to each other as if they were wearing one big shirt.

I never spoke to either of them after that
PICARD: Welcome to the Starship Enterprise. No need for long introductions, I--I see you dress alike. Cute.


PICARD: Well then, so do we in a sense...

RIKER: Though some pull it off better than others.

PICARD: Not now Number One, they're clearly evil.

WEIRD COUPLE: *Pulls out space weapons*

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