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Coward Broward County, FL deputy arrested & charged in response to his inaction during school shooting


Crushed by Thanos
Dec 7, 2008
Don't give me that. I literally don't watch or absorb MSM beyond what other people say or bring up (like this thread being posted on gaf).

They're not heroes, they're not forces of good; they're just citizens/professionals with greater powers and less corresponding responsibility than should be acceptable. All too often this lack of responsibility and transparency into their operations breeds an environment for not just inefficiency/incompetence, but corruption. And I've had a pretty reasonable window into this subject over the past two decades, so I'm afraid that that the MSM isn't at fault for my perceptions here.

We should hold police to a much, much higher standard and be more stringent in who we hire + monthly and annual qualifications (shooting, physical shape, deescalation techniques). I also think we should, in lockstep with this approach, compensate them a good deal more than what they make currently. Hold them to higher standards and then also reward them for it, provide positive incentivization.

But it all comes down to budgets.

It's a human nature thing. My position on this isn't radically different than my stance towards politicians at large, such as Congress. Positions of government which endow powers must be held accountable and made to operate transparently. Meritocracy should be insisted upon, with negative and positive incentives.

As for the officer in question in this thread, strap him to a Falcon 9 and launch him into the sun.
i mean have you looked at the data, the amount of shit cops is outrageously low, basically a better standard than any other profession and by all accounts it probably shouldn't be

we hold cops to a superb standard, if you don't like it then i suggest you join your local academy and take a night shift in a tough county

and man did you miss the bar in conflating standards with training, like deliberately obtuse to piss on cops it seems, good luck with that
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Oct 20, 2018
I agree with you that they need to be held to a higher standard and improvements need to be made - however you stated "...police force is absolutely necessary, but ours here in the States suck and I trust none of them as far as I can throw them." This is the same kind of dribble that you read on far left sites that like to denigrate every last officer based on the actions of a few.

There are far more officers who take their job seriously and try to genuinely help people. If you rely on media, you will only see the corrupt fucks who give all those who wear the uniform a bad name. Hence why I said what I said.
We can agree to disagree. Every state I've lived in, with every interaction I've had, has more or less convinced me we're not really doing the whole police thing right whatsoever.

And I don't even have so much as a speeding ticket on my record. I think the only thing that's happened is I forgot to change my tags by 5 days so I got ticket for that. So it isn't like I'm 'on the wrong side of the law'. Anything but.


How familiar are you with the state of things. Read this and tell me that this is the definition of 'superb standards':

Edit edit: Look, this is getting a bit heated. I don't want that. I understand where you're coming from, I get that police typically stand for order, authority, and are viewed as integral parts to the proper functioning of a community. I've no bones with any of that, all I'm asking is that we recognize that we can do better and that we should. That's it. I'm not saying 'blue lives don't matter', all police (or even most people) are 'bad apples'. None of it.

Nor am I trying to be disingenuous and employ weasel words to squirm my way out of this.

1. I don't think that police training is at an acceptable level, although I recognize that BLET is often pretty solid. Police should have to undergo far higher levels of mandatory continuous education than what they do now, and alot of it should be focused on deescalation tactics.

2. Police should have monthly firearm and physical fitness tests, with very clear and stringent standards for what it takes to pass. As it stands now, police are responsible for more bystanders being shot whenever they draw a gun then CCW holders (like me). There are various reasons for why this might be, but I do believe that some of the issue is that CCW holders often end up shooting far more than the cops do on average, so they're more familiar and better shots.

I trimmed up my reply to keep it more streamlined.
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Crushed by Thanos
Dec 7, 2008
bro you basically called cops anti-hero forces for not good (which would be what, hm)

better training is an ongoing process, we will get there
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Aug 16, 2018
This pussy hid for 45 minutes behind a pillar with his gun pointed towards the building, but never actually attempted to do anything but hide, he even told other deputies responding not to go into the building as there was an active shooter.
Im out of the loop on this but isn't swat the ones that "go in"