Craig Ferguson may be getting replaced as Late Late Show host

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If that happens, I wouldn't mind if CC offered Craig a nice contract to take the void that will be left after the Colbert Report finishes...of course I would have Colbert and Ferguson back to back though.
It would be sad to see him go. If he does I hope what ever he does next includes Geoff. Oh, and there would be no way in hell Tina Fey taking late late slot. She is huge, she will keep making movies and tv shows.
Chelsea Handler (or anyone, really, but she's one of the worst possible options) replacing Ferguson would be fucking tragic.

If he actually gets replaced, though, seeing him completely not give a shit would be fantastic.
Probably just the usual PR "we have other options"-jibberjabber because they have to re-negotiate with Ferguson. Replacing him with someone like Chelsea Handler would be beyond stupid.


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Please no. Ferguson is great.. I don't get why they'd want to do this.

Also please no to Chelsea Handler. There's a lot of other women who are way funnier than she is.

More at the link.

Man, fuck CBS if they replace Craig for no reason. Especially with Chelsea Handler, who is the opposite of funny. If you want a female host, hell, at least go for someone like Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. But still, Craig's the best thing CBS has going for it in the late night arena, and I'd hate to see him get pushed out. I mean, unless it meant he could take his show to cable and go 100% unrestrained. That'd be pretty great I guess.
My first thought was that if they have to do this (and I seriously hope not), an ideal female host would be Rebel Wilson. Hasn't had enough screen time as Poehler or Fey to have massive expectations or be considered a waste at that timeslot, but every time I've seen her as a guest on talk shows she's always been incredibly funny. And from what I saw of her hosting the MTV awards (I think? Or Teen Choice?) she was spot on.
Have you listened to his audiobook? Dude has enough lemons to last him three lifetimes. And a fuckload of lemonade.

Strongly recommend it.

You American's can't even pronounce Craig properly anyway.
Damn straight. Not much better than New Zealanders.
You American's can't even pronounce Craig properly anyway.
I kinda don't get this cos you CAN say Craig properly in an American accent. I get that the name might just be pronounced differently over there, but I would've figured people would know to at pronounce Craig Ferguson's name right. I'm sure he doesn't mind though.

As for this news - I'm Scottish so I hold a little torch for his success on those grounds (because it also helps me keep my own dying dreams alive that i could one day have success), but I actually don't like his comedy very much. He's just a silly man, yeah, but it feels too practiced and safe to me, and on the other end, he seems a little bit prickly when he comes up against something he doesn't understand, and he can be very ingenuine at times. Wish him well though!
Might be the best for him, his talents are wasted on a talk show anyway.
Might actually be the best thing for both parties. He won a big contractual pay day getting passed over for Colbert and can now take his talents to a half-hour show. And CBS can sign somebody to potentially lift their poor ratings in the timeslot.

The low production costs of the current show is probably the only thing that would keep the status quo in check. Somebody like Handler will demand a higher salary.
No, not Chelsea Handler, she's the dumbest person ever been on tv.

If they really want a female host, they should go with Maya Rudolph. She's pretty intelligent. Also she covers most of the ethnic minorities.
The fact that Carson is ahead in the ratings makes me genuinely upset. Craig is such a great interviewer and deserves more views. No matter where he goes, I hope he continues to get guests on the show as I think most love being on his show.
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