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Crash and Spyro PS1 games (EDIT: and others) may now be downloaded to American Vitas.


Is there a blog post or tweet associated with this? I'd be interested in Sony's explanation on the hold up besides the rumored Activisionism


Wow, I'm glad I downloaded all the Crash and Spyro games from that flash sale for when I eventually get a Vita.


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I bought Spyro 1-3, unaware that they couldn't be transferred to Vita. I was annoyed. Now I am pleased.


oh fucking come on, seriously? lol
i would have grabbed crash 2, even though i own the disc, because it was 99 cents
why announce it TODAY and not last week

I begrudgingly just bought all 3 Spyros this morning, thinking I'd have to be a slave in front of my PS3 or torture myself with the original PSPs analog slider in order to play them.

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Would like to know this as well. I didn't buy this one because I couldn't play on Vita. Always wanted to give this supposed Diddy Kong Racing-killer a chance.

oh shit.


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I'm not sifting through my entire DL list but they aren't on the store front yet on Vita.

Perhaps they will announce or make it know somehow at some point soon?




I got these so long ago with PS+ and I was devastated when they didn't transfer to Vita. Today is a great day.
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