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Crash and Spyro PS1 games (EDIT: and others) may now be downloaded to American Vitas.


Right after the $1 sale. haha

If I has known this I would've bought all of them.




WOW! I bought every single one in the sale as well, now I can play my favourite platformers from the PS1. I absolutely love the Spyro series, can't wait to start collecting eggs.
I had a suspicion this might happen, but I didn't expect it to happen THE DAY AFTER THE $1 SALE. Great for me, but total troll move.


Megaton. Shin Budokai was removed from PSN years before Vita even came out. Also, all PSP demos are now downloadable:


I wonder if this is a bug...


Whoa, so Brave Story: New Traveler and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will download to the Vita now?

Right on. Now we just need some PSP game sales.


WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!? I literally said in another thread the reason I didn't buy Crash and Spyro is because of the non-Vita support and they pull this shit!? FUCK YOU SONY.
Has anyone atleast tested these games on vita? Before people go nuts and start buying games like crazy just to find out they dont work on Vita.


Man, even my PSP games that I transfers from my PS3 (Tomb Raider Anniversary and Sega Genesis Collection) appear on my Vita download list...I wonder if Sony is going to update the Vita store tomorrow to fit with this?

I just have to say that its really damn weird and messed up that Sony is doing this now, as they didn't work on Vita during that huge Flash Sale...could have been a easy 7 bucks to own all of the PS1 Crash/Spryo games...but now people gotta pay the full six dollar price for them now if they don't own them :(.

I'm not upset, as outside of Crash 3, I got all the games from sales (the originals from the flash sale, Crash 2 + Team Racing and Spryo 2 + 3 from the Activision sale for 3 bucks a piece last October), but yesterday was such a good deal....

Either way it is AMAZING that we can finally play these classics on our Vitas. Sony really is listening to us :).


Considering that I never had owned any of the consoles in the Playstation family (but planning on getting a PS4 next year), I'm wondering what you would guys would recommend for a first-timer? Klonoa looks like it's a fun platformer.
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