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Crash Bandicoot 4 to have co-op and competitive multiplayer (no online at launch)


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Mar 21, 2013
Source: https://nintendosmash.com/crash-ban...ture-competitive-and-cooperative-multiplayer/

Information about multiplayer in Crash Bandicoot 4: it’s About Time was published by the Spanish Department of IGN. Apparently, the article appeared on the web prematurely — it was soon deleted, but you can access the note through the web archive and Google Cache.

According to IGN Spain, the game will have both local competitive multiplayer and co-op. They will be able to participate from two to four players who will manage Crash, Coco, and their fake versions.

There will be two modes in competitive multiplayer: Checkpoint Race, in which you need to get to the save points faster than others, and Crate Combo — you need to score points by breaking boxes and reach the checkpoint.

“IGN can exclusively announce the first details about the competitive and cooperative mode for Crash Bandicoot 4. Both modes will support 2 to 4 players and -without online support at the moment- with players being able to choose between Crash, Coco, Fake Crash and, debuting in this fourth numbered installment, Fake Coco.

Bandicoot Battle competitive mode
Bandicoot Battle
, the name of the competitive mode in Crash 4, includes two games to test your skills: Checkpoint Race and Crate Combo.

Time trials have long been a staple of the Crash Bandicoot series, and Checkpoint Race makes them a competitive round-trip race. Up to four players will compete for the fastest time in a level, but it’s not just about getting to the finish line at the end of the level first. As the name suggests, Checkpoint Race is a series of races towards each control box on a level.

Whoever gains the most checkpoints in a level is the ultimate winner, so if you’re really bad at a section of a level, you may still have a chance to make it to the top.

If cracking boxes like crazy is more your style, Crate Combo is the mode for you.
Again, the mode measures success from one checkpoint to the next, but speed isn’t the only goal. You want to score as many points by breaking as many boxes as possible, because with each one you break, the point value of each box increases, up to 32 points per box.

And while it’s a bit surreal to see such a high number on a Crash box, you’ll have to keep up your combo by breaking them as fast as you can.

In the first gameplay, you can see a meter in the lower right corner. If you don’t hit any boxes before the meter runs out, the point value is reset to one and you must start working again to get a higher point value. Your race ends when you hit a checkpoint or meet an early death, so even if you don’t make it to the checkpoint, maintaining your combo could be the key to victory.

Cooperative Mode Pass N. Play
If you prefer to work together, players can switch control from one to the other in Pass N. Play mode , which allows up to four players to help progress through the Crash 4 campaign levels.

You can play with friends in the standard versions of the levels or in the variations of the N. Verted mode, which offer unique twists in each level.
Crash Bandicoot 4 will also feature flashback levels to truly test players’ skills, a host of outfits for Crash and Coco that can be unlocked through the campaign, and new playable characters like Dingodile and Tawna”