Cross Assault Thread: Get Cross, taste Salt (SFxT Reality Show)


It is illegal to Tag Fish in Tag Fishing Sanctuaries by law 38.36 of the GAF Wildlife Act

Props to IPW Carmine for the title.

Contestants reveal
Capcom Daily Blog
Pandora Elimination

Cross Assault will air LIVE on the internet from February 22-28, 2012. (Stream starts at 8-10AM PST)

Wednesday Schedule (PST)
  • 0900am-1000am Morning Show
  • 1000am-1015am Intermission
  • 1030am-1200pm Round Robin Tourney
  • 1200pm-100pm Lunch Live
  • 100pm-145pm Cross Breakdown w Max
  • 145pm-200pm Intermission
  • 200pm-230pm Co-op challenge
  • 230pm-330pm Ask a Developer
  • 330pm-350pm Coach Talk
  • 350pm-400pm Intermission
  • 400pm-430pm Combo Challenge
  • 430pm-500pm Coach Practice
  • 500pm-630pm Coach Challenge
  • 630pm-700pm Elimination Match
  • 700pm-730pm Salt Mines Interview

Check for the streams.
Teevox: Watch the 3 streams at the same time
Ustream: Watch the 3 streams at the same time
Official Twitter Account

What is Cross Assault?
"Cross Assault" is live and uncut, spanning the course of 7 days, with two teams — Team Street Fighter and Team Tekken —
facing off against each other under the coaching of two legendary players from the fighting game community, all with a grand prize of $25,000.

Five players will be chosen for each team, all competing in a series of skill-based challenges surrounding Street Fighter x Tekken,
with the coach for each team working with the players to find the most effective strategies to lead their team to victory.
Players who don't make the cut will have to rely on their fighting game skills to avoid being eliminated from the competition.
That's right, being dope at boogie boarding or jump roping wont help you here — it's all about your fighting game skills in "Cross Assault"!
The Teams

How/Why Teams where picked

(Click on each contestant to see their application video)

Team Tekken

Team Street Fighter

Who is making it?
CAPCOM, IPLAYWINNER and TEAM SPOOKY are pulling the best of the best from the community to make this a production unlike anything you've seen before.
We've assembled an all-star team — many of which who helped make the EVO2K11 stream one of the most watched competitive gaming events of all time
— to ensure this is a production that stays true to what makes the fighting game community so amazing.

Our favorite Online Warrior Maximilian and GAF member bluerei are also working on the project.
Good job, mi amigo!
Subscribing...although since it's gonna be on TwitchTV, I'm just gonna enjoy reading the posts about what happened in it lol.


It is illegal to Tag Fish in Tag Fishing Sanctuaries by law 38.36 of the GAF Wildlife Act
Ok folks time to bet.

Im betting $100 GAF bucks on NerdJosh


It is illegal to Tag Fish in Tag Fishing Sanctuaries by law 38.36 of the GAF Wildlife Act
mhmhmh apparently it has something to do with IPL (IGN Pro League)

IGN said:
The show will be streamed live on IGN, with highlight videos available daily. The action starts on February 22nd and runs through February 28th, followed by finals on March 3rd.

In addition, IGN Pro League will bring the two top Cross Assault finishers to SXSW to compete in its SXSW Street Fighter x Tekken tournament, broadcast live from SXSW Screenburn.

Cross Assault kicks off tomorrow, and you can check it out at For even more details, check out Capcom's blog.
mhmhm so it wont be streamed on Team Spooky Twitch TV website?
Capcom Unity Blog discussing how they picked the contestants:

Based on the feedback we read online, Bronson has been the most controversial pick, and we did have a pretty large discussion around him. There were concerns he could be too good for the competition, and when it comes to raw talent, he is probably the best out of both teams. However, the reason Bronson was still chosen, was his composure under pressure. Bronson’s worst enemy is himself, and he has a reputation for choking in matches when it matters the most.
Capcom trying to hook up the stream monsters, lol.
I'm baffled that there are 3 streams running 12 hours a day for literally 7 days in a row. Seems to me it would be smarter to design the format of the show for more concentrated action and entertainment. Long stretches of dull down-time seem inevitable.